Monday, May 10, 2010

Pen to Paper! This week's workout.

Ack! My head is swimming with deadlines this week and I need to get a workout schedule on paper - so here's what's on tap for me this week. How bout you?

Today - 45 mins elliptical intervals (while studying ACE Personal Cert stuff - multitasking at 4am!), then 25 mins bike intervals, some bicep/chest/hamstring stuff, and then I had to leave, sadly. I HAVE to start getting to work on time, yall. And I had to stop and pick up some greek yogurt for my afternoon snack. So...that means some sprint intervals at lunch before - you guessed it - Pilates. And that is Monday.

The rest of the week:

Tuesday: Spartacus circuit, 5-mile run, upper body class with Pomeroy (bring it), and...*maybe* some elliptical intervals if I need to study. And I need to study.

Wednesday: More elliptical/study (six weeks to test day!), cycling the hills, back/triceps/quads, and...that whole getting-to-work-on-time thingy. Bah. At lunch - Pilates. Ahhhh.....

Thursday: rest day! And a lower body class, cause you know I can't really rest.

Friday: long day! Spartacus, elliptical intervals, bike intervals, shoulders/calves/hip flexors, the dreaded plyometrics, and at lunch - sprint intervals and Pilates. Maybe an outside bike ride that afternoon if the weather is nice.

And soon I need to start swimming! Hmmmm, I can smell the chlorine already.

So... whaddya doing this week to be well?


Tricia said...

have a great week!

Mike Russell said...

I think you need a clone who can do your homework, study, write, and take tests for you. Holy crap you are a bosy gal!

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Ha ha! Mike did you mean "busy" or "bossy"? :) Eh, I'm both. Have a great weekend!