Saturday, May 22, 2010

Coffee: Breakfast of Champions

Somehow, over the years, I have become a coffee lover. I never used to drink it, but now I can't get enough. And, I soothe my healthy conscience with the knowledge that coffee offers some legitimate health benefits, only one of which is me being much nicer than usual.

It's what we put in our coffee that makes it so toxic and laden with calories and sugar. I stick with good old cafe au lait.  Coffee and milk - perfectly clean and healthy!

But sometimes, I have a hankering for an extra power boost, usually on a Sunday morning before a trail run.  So then, I mix up my own personal version of a Frappuccino: iced coffee, milk, a banana, 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter, 1 tbsp of dark cocoa powder, and ice blended together into a frothy concoction that is part milkshake, part energy drink, and all wholesome, clean, and healthy for you.  And it only packs  260 calories in total, so it's a great pre-workout snack.

Mix some up today!  And then go for a run - bananas are high-glycemic so you'll want to take advantage of that energy boost right away.  Read more about the glycemic index and how to choose the right foods for your activity level here.

Good day!

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