Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big Day for the Healthy Types

What a witch! 
I always feel like the biggest hypocrite on Halloween because I preach all day about NOT eating candy and sugar and stuff for fun, and then I go and pass it out to children.  I really do wrestle with that; I know its just moderation and candy can be part of a healthy life, but still, it bugs me.

That being said, I did actually buy candy this year.  In the past I have had a hard time putting it in my buggy, but the BOGO at the grocery store helped ease that pain this year.  A few moments ago I pulled it out of the pantry to bring to our friends' house tonight for trick or treating and one of the bags was open.  I turned to my husband and asked, with incredulity, "did you open the Halloween candy early?"  His hands flew to his face in mock fear and he replied, 

"We must have rats!"

Okay, so here's the thing - if you're one of those people for whom one piece of candy is the trigger on the sugar machine that turns you into a depraved lunatic looking for a fix, DON'T EAT CANDY TODAY.  Y'all, it is just not worth it.

But, if you're one of those people who truly can have just one or a few pieces of candy and walk away, choose wisely and enjoy.  You're one of the lucky ones.

And then get your butt up tomorrow morning and get back on the healthy track.  The holidays have started, and they will be a lot more fun in a fit, functional, active body that isn't weighed down, literally and figuratively, by sugar.

Happy Halloween!  Be safe, have fun, and most of all BE HEALTHY!

Friday, October 29, 2010

My Own Personal Street Dance

I can totally relate.
Have you ever been caught car-dancing?  You know, the head-bobbing, the shoulder shimmying, the singing into the fake microphone...its like when we get into our cars we somehow forget that we are pretty much surrounded by glass through which people can see our every move.  When they're not messing with their phones, that is.

Anyway, I've been caught car-dancing many times.  I almost caused an accident once when car-dancing to "U Can't Touch This."  Yeah, laugh, then watch this and tell me you wouldn't do the same thing.

Anyway, today I was caught street-run-dancing.  This time, it was "Build me Up Buttercup," the one from the Something About Mary, which is still one of my all-time favorite movies even though Brett Favre is in it.  Sung by The Goops.  Anyway, it was early, it was dark, and I was alone on the streets just running along minding my own beeswax. 

And then, it was hammer time.

But little did I know that during my personal salute to jive turkeys everywhere, I was spotted. They thought I was waving to them.  But I think they also thought I might need medical attention. 

Regardless, I waved back.  Going for a run on a nice cool morning is a great way to start a Friday.  Taking a dance break in the middle of the street while running on a nice cool morning is even better. 

I am not ashamed!  Have a great weekend, everyone!  And turn it up and dance!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Really Awesome Run My Sister Totally Missed

So last week, as you know, I was in Chicago.  And now I am not, which has led me to wonder about 15 kazillion times in the past two days WHY that is.  I am a city girl!  I have a city kid!  Why do I  Not that here is bad, it's just...well...


Yeah I know it gets cold there, I don't care.  That's what LL Bean is for.

ANYWAY!  While I was there I went running, duh.  I had oodles of fun on Map My Run making some fun routes for my sister and me to run together.  And then she totally bailed on me.  Well okay she had a leg injury but still, she missed out.

I started out from our hotel, down Michigan Ave, and through Millennium Park.  Ran around the Art Institute, through Grant Park, by Buckingham Fountain, and down to the Museum Campus.  Passed the Field Museum (and the dino), went around Soldier Field, and turned to run along the lake.

And then I saw this:

It honestly took my breath away; I was in awe.  I've been to Chicago loads of times, but I had never experienced it in the early morning, alone, when the streets are quiet aside from other runners, the sun is coming up, and everything is fresh.  In that moment, and this sounds cheesy but its true, I had a sincere appreciation for the freedom I feel as a runner.  I can't really explain what I mean by that.  It just made sense to me at the time that I was exactly where I needed to be at that moment, and I was super thankful to be there. 

As I ran back to my hotel, I passed the door.  I kept going all the way up the lakefront to Water Tower Place, and back down again just because I could.   And because I knew just how lucky I was to do it.

The sidewalks began to fill up, the tourists began to take pictures, and the locals came out with their dogs and strollers to begin their Saturday.  I went back to the hotel and found my family eating breakfast.  My sister asked how the run went, and I told her that she missed a good one.

But now that I look back, I'm kind of glad she did.

I miss you Chicago!  I'll be back soon!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Vacation High-Five

Fact: Vacations are awesome. 

Also fact: High fives are awesome.

And when your vacation gives you a high five, that's like awesome to a level that hurts my brain to think about.

I went on vacation last week and it was wonderful.  Chicago: does it get better?  No.  No it does not.  Then add my wacky fun family, a wedding, and really nice weather and you've got yourself a Happy Healthy Heather.  Just so you know, that's a good thing. :)

Chicago gave me a big ole high five last week.  Thanks Chicago!  Back atcha!

I had two main concerns before going on vacation:

Concern Numero 1: Clean eating. I was flying, so my capacity for bringing food with me was limited.  Relying on other people or sources for good clean eats stresses me out, so I wanted to make sure I had plenty of access to the good stuff so I wouldn't spend my vacation like some kind of junkie looking for a fix.  So I packed my little ziplocks of oatmeal and almonds, stocked up on Lara bars, and walked to the grocery store first thing.  It was a great way to pass the time while I was waiting for our luggage to arrive.

The next day. 

Yeah, it was that kind of trip.

Concern Numero 2: Exercise. I wanted some. Correction: I wanted lots.  I knew those packs of oatmeal and almonds would only get me so far, and then someone would open the wine.  And there would be crackers.  And there would be pizza.  And there would be pie. And as it turned out, there were all of those things. It's almost as if I have traveled with these people before.

So I walked to the grocery store and carried the groceries back. I got up the next morning and ran 5 miles.  The next day I ran seven miles and walked all over the city.  I carried my kid around, wore a backpack, and went the long way everywhere.  I even took the stairs in the hotel all the way up to the 16th floor.  And when I uploaded my GoWearFit, it rewarded me with nice big numbers that made up for all the pie.

And it was really, really nice.

Tomorrow I'll post pics of my gorgeous run along Lake Michigan under the lights of the city.  For now, I'm still reveling in the fact that I am back from a week of vacation and I didn't take a step back in my wellness. 

Thanks Chicago!  I'll be back soon!

Good day!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holiday Fit Tips!

It's the holidays, but your health never takes a holiday!

Wah wah, how sad. I know, I'm such a buzzkill.

Anyway, to help keep you (and me) focused on our health and fitness this season, I'm sharing some of my Healthy Heather's Holiday Hints each week for the next couple of months to help you remember that you CAN enjoy the holidays without needing to wear stretchy pants at the end of it.

Here are this week's tips. Ready? Here we go!

1. Anticipate hurdles and make a plan. Unless you live a very sad life, it’s unrealistic to think that you will not be invited to at least a couple of parties during the holidays, laden with cookies, cakes, candy, and more. But it IS realistic to think that you can get through the party without eating it. Think ahead and try these tactics for controlling your food environment:

  • Volunteer to bring something (and make it something you can eat without stress)
  • Bring a bottle of water and keep it in your hands, refill throughout the party as necessary
  • Spend time socializing, not eating.
  • Practice responses to people who pressure you to indulge. From experience, I can advise that crossing your arms in front of your face and shouting, "back off, hater!" is not recommended.
2. Be realistic, not defeated. Some people throw up their hands during the holidays in defeat, assuming there is nothing they can do to be healthy. While it isn’t realistic to think you may go from couch potato to triathlete during the holidays, it IS realistic to believe that you can enter January without needing to wear one of those belly bands that pregnant women wear to extend the waist of their pants and avoid buying maternity clothes. Define what success means to you and make plans to achieve it. Success may be not gaining weight, it may be losing weight, it may be just not eating Aunt Martha’s sweet potato pie until the button pops off of your jeans. But one word of warning: until you believe in your ability to do that and actually want it, your plans are moot.  I'm just sayin'. You gotta want it.

3. Get stubborn. Sometimes maintaining a certain standard of health means just being stubborn. Channel your inner three-year-old and just say NO to people or events that hijack your plans. No way, no how, no thank you. It can feel awkward at first to turn down someone’s chocolate caramel goo-goo brownies with fudge icing, but trust me: they will get over it. Okay, they might not get over it, but you will.

The holidays can be nostalgic, emotional, carefree, and indulgent times. Just take care to apply those elements of the season to the actual living people around you, not the food. I hope it is a wonderful holiday season for you, full of health and emotional well-being.

Good day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch


Oh, hi. Don't mind me. I'm just walking off this morning's run.

Ouch. Ouch. Step.

Sometimes you get out there and start running, you know, and you just glide effortlessly down the street.

Ouch. Ouch. Step. Ouch.

And other days you have to dig really down deep to keep from getting back in the car. 

Really deep.

I dug to the bottom today.  But I did it. Eight miles of hills, done. My quads are still punishing me.

I think I will bike tomorrow. 

Yeah, I am definitely biking tomorrow.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sweet-Tooth Button

Hi friends!

I spent an absolutely glorious weekend camping with friends.  It was just what I needed to clear my head and move on to a (hopefully) smoother and more relaxed chapter of life.  Yay for good friends, nice weather, and state parks.

During that camping trip we found ourselves talking about the differences between how we cook/eat now and when we were growing up.  Some memories were nostalgic (remembering cultural dishes that "mom used to make") and some just showed our age (like how we used to be able to eat a lot more than half of one s'more before feeling sick).

Well friends, it's that time of year when people starting eating sugar waaaaay beyond the point of feeling sick: sick to their stomachs, sick of their lack of discipline, and sick of being sick!  That's right: the holidays.  Pretty soon the "fun size" candy bars will be doing their damn best to convince you that you can have just one.  And it will be FUN!

Uh-huh. :)

That "just one" is what I call activating my sweet tooth button.  When I was a kid, I could eat a lot of s'mores.  And I did.  I ate sugar like there was some kind of national sugar shortage and the President himself had asked me to make sure I stored all of it in my belly for safe-keeping.  And let me tell you what, I took my job seriously and I was good at it.

I'd like to think those days are behind me, but they're not; I still have that sweet tooth.  But it's been modified. It's new and improved!  Now it has a button that has to be activated, and I alone hold the key. 

What activates it? That first bite.  As soon as I eat something super-sugary, the button has been pushed.  And just like the machine that my body is, it starts a-chuggin.  The gears start to turn, the whistles blow, and the conveyer belt begins to roll towards my stomach, looking for more sugar.

I think you know what I am getting at here.  If I am asleep at the wheel, that conveyer belt will get loaded down with all sorts of crap I don't really want to eat.  But once that button has been pushed, it is really really really hard to remember that until later, when the gas has run out and everything grinds to a halt...and I have a sugar hangover.

And let me tell you, friends, that ain't pretty.

Do you have a sweet-tooth button?  When does it get pushed?  As we head into the holidays, keep an eye on it and remember:

YOU are the only one who can push that button.  And YOU can also pull the plug.  Just don't wait until you have to unbutton your pants to do it.

Sometimes the scariest things at Halloween are wearing a "fun size" costume.  Keep your wits about you.

Good day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Friday Inspiration For Ya

I've noticed that some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter are in the UK.  I love their training attitude - they celebrate just as much as they train, and they help remind me to strive for some balance in my life.  What I admire the most is that they don't take themselves too seriously. Oh, they train their butts off and seriously compete, don't get me wrong.  They just know how to keep it all in perspective.

And my favorite blog to read is written by one of them.  I love to read it because it doesn't have thousands of followers, giveaways, or celebrity guests...its just an old-school web log of a guy's training for the Ironman.  He calls himself the Lazy Ass Triathlete, because he doesn't subscribe to the manic lifestyle of gadgets, nutrition, formulas, and other stuff that seems to be part of the sport.  He just trains and races.  And he inspires the hell out of me because of it.

He just got back from the Ironman in Kona, which in itself is awesome in my eyes.  My little sprint triathlon was a warm-up to this insane test of strength (and sanity!).  Not only was it fun to read some of the behind-the-scenes of what goes into participating in a race of that magnitude, it was great to read about the race from a participant's perspective.  And, seeing that he ran the marathon portion (THE MARATHON *PORTION*) in just over three hours made my 2:18 half-marathon seem pretty humbling.  I was honestly in awe for the entire day just thinking about the discipline, grit, and holistic fitness that goes into an event like that.

And he calls himself lazy.

Check it out, friends, and tell me if you are not inspired to follow his lead. Okay, maybe not all the way to Kona. LOL  But get inspired to adopt a perspective of "I can and I will," when it comes to your fitness this weekend. 

And if you're on Twitter, check out @devoniain @roadUKrunner @Brix2Tri @ironmanj
 @ironrav and @abspow.

Get inspired!  Good day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kettlebells: Know Your Pro!

Sometimes people call me Jillian Junior, which kind of annoys me because I cannot stand Jillian Michaels' persona on TV.  I know that they're just referring to my "no pity" way of keeping people - and myself - accountable to their fitness goals, and I am glad they find that endearing because I don't plan to start being an enabler anytime soon. 

And I do think that Jillian Michaels makes some valid assessments about people's readiness to change when it comes to their personal wellness, and her brand of bullying can be effective for some people to wake up and get real about their health.  I just have a hard time getting past the diet pill thing.

ANYWAY.  Since I am already so down on Jillian, reading this article about criticism of her new kettlebell workout DVD just added fuel to my fire.  I have never done a kettlebell workout, although I do use them for resistance with dead lifts and whatnot at the gym.  But I do know that working with kettlebells can be a serious calorie-burner and is likely different from anything you've ever done before and therefore great for cross-training.  And I also know it needs to be done under the supervision of someone who knows what the heck they're talking about.

Friends, use your whole grain noodle.  If you want to try kettlebells, do!  But seek out a certified instructor and sign up for a class where you can be monitored safely.  Dragon Door offers this national search database where you can find a certified instructor, which includes my friend Laurel Blackburn of Boot Camps to Go.  Check them out!

Be healthy, be safe, be smart!  Good day!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back Among the Living!

So things are finally starting to get back to normal.  I went to the gym yesterday and did a righteous upper-body workout that my GoWearFit loved (one great thing about my trainer is that he keeps me MOVING during weights! Love that!), did some cardio on the elliptical, and then proceeded to sleep for 14 hours.  It was really nice, and I needed it.

Then today I got up and ran three miles, which felt nice.  I'm still kind of sinus-y but whaddya gonna do?  Sinuses happen, folks.  And they will not be ignored.

My biggest focus right now, wellness-wise, is nutrition.  I've been craving leafy greens lately, so I'm stocking up on spinach and I may try making some kale chips some upcoming weekend.  I'm also cooking up some vegetable soup and incorporating more peppers into my diet. I just love how I feel when I am fueled with clean, fresh, natural veggies.  Nothing beats it!

Otherwise, just training. I want to enjoy the holidays (OMG is it already the holidays?!?) stress-free and in a healthy, fit, sinus-infection-free body.  For that to happen I need to get some rest, keep a balanced and sane training schedule, and eat clean, yo.  I've got a couple of races over the next two months that will be fun, no real challenges or anything monumental.  And just FYI in case you know me in real life, I will also be very non-committal when it comes to doing things for you. 

It's not you, it's me. 

The rest of the year is about getting back to my set point and just enjoying life there for a while.  Won't you join me? :)

And hey, check it out!  I'm a featured blogger over at The Gracious Pantry!  Thanks Tiffany for linking to me; I am loving all of your new fall recipes!

Good day all, be healthy!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Half Martyrthon

Word to the wise: don't run a half-marathon when you really, really, really have to pee.

Other signs you should not get up and run 13 miles:

1. You're sick with sinus crud.
2. You're working on about 6 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours.
3. You're in mourning.

All three happened to me (plus the having to pee) and I did it anyway, which I think qualifies my first half marathon as my first 

The conditions under which I ran my race were not ideal. I was sick, tired, and my family had been dealt a series of blows that had us all walking around like zombies.  So completing it in 2 hours 18 minutes felt like the hardest thing I had ever done.

That being said, I will definitely do it again.  The distance, not the family drama part. I have to imagine that completing the race when I am well-rested and not fighting a respiratory infection would be incredible, and I want that experience.  My sister and I crossed the finish line at the exact same second, and it was a huge triumph for us and a wonderful experience to have with her.

The race was tough. I train on hills, so I was excited about the flat course ahead of me.  Running without hills was a dream, it was sooooo nice.  The weather was sunny and cool, but warm near the end.  It was really great weather.  My sister and I discussed family drama, an upcoming wedding, and near the end, how much I needed to pee.  I owe her another huge hug for her encouragement.  I seriously needed to pee, yall.

I have to give 15 thumbs up for in-race fueling. I tucked a Lara Bar into my pants (I never did get any race pants with pockets sewn in so I made do with a ziplock bag with the top hanging over my waistband) and at mile 6.5 munched on that. I got a burst of energy that was amazing. At mile 9 I ate another bit of it, and finally at mile 12 I popped the last piece in my mouth.  Will definitely be doing that again.

Mile 8 is where things got really hard. We were running into the sun, the pavement was rock hard, and there was no shade to speak of.  The rest of the race was very mental for me.  Like I said, I reallllllly needed to pee. Like, I am not even exaggerating.

We came into the finish line under our predicted 2.5 hour time to our cheering family and received our commemorative half marathon finisher bottle opener.  Only in Louisiana!  LOL  It's really nice though.

All in all, it was rough. I'm not gonna lie. But I think it was outside influences that made it that way - it had been a real doozy of a week, folks.  So of course we have another one planned in December, and this time my brother is running with us.  Can we beat our time?  Pshaw!  You know it!

Honestly, thinking about all of you and your well-wishes kept me going through a lot of it.  Thank you for being such a great cheering squad on all of my adventures; it is a real blessing to have such wonderful people to share these experiences with.  

Now it's your turn - what can I cheer you on for?  What is your big experience?  

Good day!  I'm going back to bed. :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Pre-Stretch Prayers


The half-marathon is on Sunday, I haven't run since Wednesday, and I've had a head cold since Monday.  The way I see it, one of three things could happen during the race:

1. I will be completely well and take off like a shot after resting for so long and finish the race faster than my predicted 2.5 hours.

2. I will battle chest congestion and coughing for 13 painful and miserable hours and then proceed to be a martyr about it all day.

3. I will suck it up and run regardless, walk if I have to, and have a great time because its my first half marathon, dammit, and I am going to enjoy it!

I am voting for number three if you can't tell.  Honestly, I hope the congestion clears out before Sunday because running sick is really not fun (or safe if you're really sick, so don't do it) and I don't want to be so sick that I actually have to bail.  But I'm optimistic - there are two long days between now and then, plenty of time to rest, get on the mend, and show up ready to run.

I've packed my bag and in a completely uncharacteristic move, I didn't pack 50 gazillion options for clothing.  I packed running pants, a sports bra, a tank top, and socks.  Done.  Oh, and my shoes of course.  :)  I'm trying to keep it simple and avoid stressing myself out with fashion, a decision I am sure to regret once I see the pictures. LOL

And a cap. I need a cap. I ALWAYS need a cap! I think my first half warrants buying a new one, eh?  Yes, I agree.

So!  I'm off!  I can't wait to report how it goes and stick one of those annoying 13.1 bumper stickers to my car!  See ya real soon!

Good day!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Back to the Weights!

I looooove being strong.  Seriously, I love it.  Muscles, yum.  I like seeing them, having them, feeling them, and using them.  Muscles are like my most favoritest thing.

I like muscles, yes I do! I like muscles, how 'bout you?

So it's understandable that I am really excited to finally have time and reason to train them really hard!  It's been such an endurance-heavy summer that my muscle tone has suffered, but just because tank top season is over doesn't mean I don't want bodacious arms.  But remember, folks:

So. First on the agenda: getting my arms back in shape. Heavy shoulders, deltoids, and biceps until I can't drive my car.  Then, glutes and hamstrings.  Bring on the deadlifts!

If you're like me and craving some new workouts for muscle definition, I especially like this shoulders workout from Muscle and Fitness Hers.  Check it out and have fun!

Good day!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Half-Marathon Ants in the Pants

I am jumping out of my skin to run my first half marathon on Sunday.  I'm so excited to get out there and see what my time is so I can set a benchmark for future races. 

 I can't believe I waited so long to do this!

And I am trying to be very very good and not train myself to death in these last few days leading up to it.  I've done a couple of easy 3-mile runs, a couple of 5-milers, and planned to do 7.5 miles this morning but opted for the elliptical instead to try and keep some chest congestion at bay so I am not sick on race day.  But I have to admit - taking it easy when I thrive on going all-out really cramps my style. 

I definitely have ants in my pants. 

And this weather - OH MY LORD THIS GORGEOUS WEATHER - just begs for running.  It feels like a sin to not go run when it is this nice outside. 

I just might have to log a few miles at lunchtime.  I don't want to be a sinner.

Anyway, to distract myself I have started looking at the race calendars for next year and daydreaming about which ones I will do.  The idea of traveling to big races so I can run in new, exciting towns seems like a lot of fun, and the Twin Cities Marathon, next October, looks like it would be a great goal....for 2012. LOL  I do want to do a marathon in 2011, but I think it will be one a little closer to home.  After that all bets are off.

So here are my race goals for next year:
  • 1st Quarter: one half-marathon, one 10k, and two 5ks
  • 2nd Quarter: one half-marathon and maintain with some 5ks
  • 3rd Quarter: summertime - icky running weather - so just maintain with some 5ks
  • 4th Quarter: one triathlon and one marathon
Got ants in your pants for a great 2011?  Take some time today to put pen to paper and commit yourself to some stretch goals!  Check out this goal-setting guide for tips on how to get started.

Good day!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holiday Battle Plan? Engage!

It's the most dangerous time....of the year......

That's right: holiday food time.  Halloween candy is on the shelves and Christmas goodies will be marching close behind to take their place faster than you can say, "boo!"  So that means it is time to make that holiday food plan.  To help, I'll be doling out Healthy Heather's Holiday Hints a few at a time.  Ready?

Here's the first few:

1. Start eating clean NOW! (duh, did anyone see that coming?) In a nutshell, eating clean is the practice of eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. It also means staying away from the junk that typically makes up the Standard American Diet (S.A.D) These types of food include man-made sugar, bad fats (hydrogenated, trans-fat), preservatives, white bread, and any other ingredients that are unnecessary. An easy way to remember if a food is clean is: “if man made it, don’t eat it.”  And if your mom made it with a pound of butter cause that's how you liked it as a kid, still don't eat it. :)

2. Find time for (more) exercise. Fall and winter weather is perfect for walking, running, and being outside. To keep holiday pounds at bay, increase your exercise by about 30 minutes of vigorous cardio a day, or begin a walking program. The extra calories burned won’t completely void out a glass (or four) of eggnog, though, so be honest about how much activity you’re getting.

3. Tell everyone around you about your goal. You’ve heard that a goal without a plan is just a wish, right? Well a plan without ACTION is lunacy! Tell everyone you know about your great, fabulous plan to eat clean and not gain weight during the holidays. Knowing that eyes are on you to be the example will make you think twice before taking a second cookie.  While you're at it, recruit a few friends to join you and keep each other motivated.  Remember, the holidays are a lot more fun when you aren't preoccupied with how you're going to lose the weight you gained from "fun food."

You don’t have to be perfect during the holidays. You just have to try.  :)  Good luck, and good day!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Silent But Deadly

I'm back!  And it is gooooood to be back.  After a week of work travel, long days, a crummy hotel "gym," a hotel-room fridge that froze my spinach, and weekends so packed with exercise for other people that I didn't get to train myself, I am very much contented to sit here and write to you on a completely normal day.

I started my completely normal day with a brisk 5-mile run and some ferocious weights with my new trainer, Justin.  Justin doesn't play, yall.  Where Captain Awesome earned his name by being enthusiastic, positive, cocky, athletic, and with confidence to spare, Justin is an altogether different kind of trainer.  He's quiet, thorough, focused, calculating, and methodical.  He quietly explains what he wants you to do, and then he stands there and stares at you until you complete it.  Then he tells you something else, and it is very, very clear that you will do it and you will do it well and there will not be any discussion.

He's right there with the praise on a job well done, but his no-nonsense way reminds me that that's what he expected: a job well done.  I never have a clue what he is going to come up with next, but I always do it and I always survive and I am almost always sure it will make me want to throw up.  In a good way.

So after just a month or so of training together, he's earned his name: Silent But Deadly.  SBD for short.  This morning, SBD had me do some squat/shoulder presses, then step-ups with monster weight, kettlebell deadlifts, and these crazy-painful Bosu ball front-and-back stepping things.  Then jumping back and forth all around a hula hoop, jump squats, forward lunges (in case you're keeping track, I still hate those), and some other stuff I blocked out of my memory.

What I like the most about SBD is that he keeps me moving. My heart rate stays up, I do something new every day, and I have fun.  He tolerates my chatter and laughs at my jokes, which automatically make me a fan.

I think I'll keep him. :) 

Good day!