Friday, May 28, 2010

Method-Acting for Triathletes

So my brother, sister, brother-in-law,  husband, and I are doing a good old-fashioned family triathlon in September, the swimming portion of which will take place in the Gulf of Mexico, assuming it has not turned into a sewer by then.  I am planning to do the Olympic distance, which means the swimming leg will be double what I did in April, on top of battling the waves of the gulf instead of a relatively-placid lake and the added excitment of irritable jellyfish swimming around me instead of bored, unimpressed alligators.  Wow, I can't wait!

The last time I trained by just swimming in a pool.  But this time I need to get myself acclimated to swimming in rougher waters.  I saw a book called Triathlon Swimming Made Easy: The Total Immersion Way for Anyone to Master Open-Water Swimming, which cracked me up because I couldn't imagine any method for learning open-water swimming that didn't require total immersion.  But luckily I don't think I will need to read it because a great guy I follow on Twitter called Iron Brandon posted a link to a very helpful video that cut to the chase pretty quick:

Having participated in a triathlon, I can attest to its accuracy.

Have a great weekend of training and of course, clean eating!  Be safe out there!

Good day!

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