Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hey! Have you seen my nutrients?!?

I get concerned when I read or hear about people declaring that they need a cheat day or a day to eat "whatever they want."  I understand what they're saying, they want to indulge in something sinful to take a break from their usually regimented nutrition plan.  But they're missing the point - a cheat day only cheats them!  If there is some taste, texture, or other element so missing from your diet that you feel the need to go crazy and eat in reckless abandon, it's time to take a look at your nutritional intake and check for deficiencies.  Then, find healthier ways to satisfy that need without going crazy.

Crazy talk, I know! 

This handy little tool makes it easy to determine where you're getting your nutrients...and where you're not.  I use every day to track my nutrition, look for trends, and basically keep myself honest.  Over the years this site has developed some pretty nifty tools that, while not as robust as some others out there, I have come to rely on.  What I want you to pay close attention to is the tool that allows you to see where your calories are coming from, and look for areas where you may be lacking.

Then, before you head to the store for a bottle of vitamins, look up some actual clean food sources that can provide that nutrient.

And if you're still jonesing for chocolate, try this clean eating chocolate chip cookie recipe courtesy of my lovely friend at The Gracious Pantry.

Now go get some nutrients!


Mike Russell said...

I do like a Coke from time to time. I will usually have a can or two every two weeks or so. There is nothing like that taste! :)

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Mike, I haven't had a real coke in years, and gave up diet two years ago. I don't want to know what would happen if I had one today. LOL Danger! Danger! Thanks for your comment. :)