My Workouts and Training

Fitness has been my life for a long time, but I haven't always been very good at it. In fact, I'm not that good at it now! I run slow, there are a lot of things I can't do yet, and I've never won anything. But, I work hard and for that I am rewarded every day with a rush of endorphins that energizes me, and with leg muscles that make me truly happy when I pass by storefront windows. It's a fair trade.

I do my best to post my daily workouts here and on my Facebook page. Join in and post yours, as well! 

You can also find me on DailyMile as Healthy H and MyFitnessPal as Healthy_Heather. Send me a friend request!

I track my workouts with a Polar RS300.

Okay, enough chit chat. Let's workout!

Today's Workout
Pizza Run! So so sooooo close to burning 1,000 calories in my 9-miler. 992. Trying not to be bitter.... :)
This Week's Plan
Monday - Insanity Max Interval Training and maybe an interval run
Tuesday - Total body strength and Insanity Pure Cardio
Wednesday - 5 mile run
Thursday - Total body strength, Insanity Core Cardio and Balance
Friday - 9 mile run
Saturday - rest
Sunday - rest

My Long-Term Goals 
July 2013 - a short-distance triathlon to prepare for...
September 2013 - sprint triathlon 
October 2013 - half marathon
February 2014 - marathon  
March 2014 - sprint triathlon

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