Monday, November 1, 2010

New Month! New Goals!

Ahhhh.....November. A fresh new clean month.  The past few have been doozys for me so I am really glad to see a calendar with almost nothing on it!  A few races and that's it.  What a treat!

And it's also time to brush off the training goals and set some new ones for 12/31.  So, as of this morning my new training schedule is in full effect:

Mondays: 5 mile run, weights, and Pilates
Tuesdays: 8 mile run and swim (yay!)
Wednesdays: bike intervals, weights, and Pilates
Thursdays: rest. Bah. *grumpy*
Fridays: 5 mile run, weights, possibly swim, and Pilates
Saturdays: bike to my 10 mile run, bike home
Sundays: rest.

I have two 5ks, a 15k, and a 10-mile race over the next eight weeks, which will keep the legs busy, and I am FINALLY getting back in the pool for some swim training.  Becoming a stronger swimmer is a 2011 goal and I like getting a head start.

How about you?  What are you doing to stay fit, healthy, and strong through the next two months?

Have a great day!


Tricia said...

have a great week!

'Drea said...

Way to go on the goal setting.

I'm curious about your swimming plans.

I'm doing my usual for the next two months.

Monday: Rock Climbing or DVD's
Tuesday: Cardio and Muscle Class
Wednesday: Rock Climbing or...
Thursday: Free for All (i.e. DVD's or Wii Fit)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Rock Climbing
Sunday: Swimming

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Thanks Tricia!

'Drea, my swimming is completely non-technical. I swim about 30 minutes and basically focus on not stopping too often or too long. My workout is usually alternating between freestyle, breast stroke, and backstroke and trying for speed and consistency. My goal for 2011 is to actually get BETTER and have a more formalized workout than just swimming laps. What do you do? I read a good swimming workout in the waiting room of the oil change place...was thinking of trying to find it online.