Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Talkin' Turkey

There are two things I have in common with Marty McFly:

I love time travel and aviator sunglasses.

But really, who doesn't?

Okay if I am being completely honest, there are three things I have in common with Marty McFly: I love time travel, aviator sunglasses, and I can't turn down a dare.

Nobody calls me chicken.

So when I first met David, a new guy at my gym, I thought, "oh this will be eaaaasy!"  Easy to mess with, that is.  A ready smile, a self-deprecating humor, a feigned hopelessness...he had all of the ingredients of someone who will engage in the kind of friendly smack talk that makes morning workouts so much fun.  But then he threw me a major curve ball:

this dude knows how to heckle.

Holy crap!  I am used to being the MESSER, not the mess-ee!  But David doesn't play that way.  Oh no, he calls me OUT.  I was totally not prepared.  But now that I know that he's not asleep at the wheel, it is so on.

So last week at our gym we had body composition assessments, and I got all picky about mine and did the electronic impedence and calipers first thing in the morning so I could compare and contrast.  And then I had my big boo-hoo post of how irked I was at the change in the past few months.  And then David accused me of being a chicken by not sharing what the results were.

But nobody calls me chicken.

So this chicken is going to talk turkey.  Yeah, I'm a sucker for a dare, everyone knows it. I'm easily manipulated that way.

Here's the thing - I work my butt off at the gym, and I eat really really healthy.  So when I see a body fat percentage of 28%, I get annoyed.  For a girl who is 34 years old, 5'4" of medium build, and regularly running endurance races plus eating clean and who has done all of that for eons and who is tracking it all with a GoWearFit, I really feel like my body fat should be lower.  Here's a chart to give you some perspective:

This chart is based on guidelines by the
American College of Sports Medicine and the
National Institute of Health.

You can probably guess which category I want to be in. 

So there are two ways I can look at this data: either I can say, "eh, I love my training, I am well-conditioned, and I eat healthy. I'm going to chalk this up to genetics and keep doing what I love," or I can say, "HELL NO! NO FAIR!  GIMME ANOTHER CHANCE!  I KNOW I CAN DO BETTER!  THIS IS SO BOGUS!" and assess how I moved from "fit" to "healthy" and make a plan to get back to where I feel I deserve to be.

I've done a little of both.  Some soul-searching, some pragmatic reality checks (*ahem* I am not getting any younger, FYI), and some strategizing of goals, nutrition, and training.  I feel really good about where I am going and how I'm getting there. 

So. There.  I did it.  Happy now? :)  I am, and I can't wait to give everyone around me a big high-five at the finish line.

Will you be there, Mr. Smarty Pants?


Pam said...

I'd like to know mine, but I don't have anywhere to go to have it tested.

It's just as well. It would probably just piss me off.

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Pam, consider yourself lucky in some ways! LOL If you're having fun with fitness, feeling good, and enjoying your journey...ignorance can very well be bliss. :)

Esther said...

I can definitely relate! Work our asses off and...really? That's it? *sigh*

I'm with you on tweaking and achieving that goal - just remember this. If we, doing all of this (working out, eating clean & overall health conscious) are in the mid to high 20s. The majority of the population would be in for a MAJOR shock as to where they stand.

Persistence will get us there. Hive 5s at the finish line await! :D

David said...

Not only will I be there --- I'm going to be cheering you and heckling you the entire way through! =)
We're starting off with our Turkey trot next week --- and heading to a MS Mud Run in Jacksonville! We'll knock this beast down together! (and have a little fun along the way, of course!)