Monday, November 15, 2010

Signs, signs, everywhere signs

Do you believe in signs?  You know, those seemingly random events that seem to confirm a decision that you knew you wanted to make but didn't know you knew?
I do. I leave a lot of stuff up to gut instinct to lead me in the direction I should go.  I rely on signs to give me that extra confidence of "yep, I made the right decision!"  So naturally, I'm the kind of person who thinks everything is a sign.

When I see people running down the sidewalk in the mornings, I see a sign to reconnect with my own fitness goals.  On days when I've had a good workout , I feel a real sense of community with these people, like we're in a secret club together.  And on days when I want to go to Starbucks and get a big frosted pumpkin scone, I seem to see those people more often.  I think its a sign, reminding me of my bigger goal.  Which, if you're not following, is to NOT eat big frosted pumpkin scones from Starbucks.

They had some samples of those out one day and I tasted a tiny little sliver of one and...yeah....I don't need to eat that. 

The other day I kinda wanted a few more almonds, but I knew my body didn't need them...and at that moment I reached over to get something and bumped my gym bag, which is next to my desk. An upper-body weight workout I had jotted down on an index card fell out of a pocket on my bag, reminding me of my goal to increase my muscle strength.  I chuckled to myself; it was a sign that gave me the extra oomph I needed to put those almonds out of my mind.  And I did.

Yesterday, in church, my son snuggled up next to me and I smiled and reveled in our cozy little moment.  Then he said, loud and clear for all to hear, "mommy, your tummy makes such a nice pillow."

That was definitely a sign.

Well here's another one:  today I am celebrating two straight weeks of a 3,500 calorie deficit, representing two pounds lost! Woot woot! I said I was back and I meant it - I am excelling in every single area of my plan, and I am soooo glad I paid attention to those signs.  My tummy has turned into a bit of a pillow lately...and I'm sad to tell my kiddo not to get too comfortable on it.

Have I lost my mojo? Hell no! I've got it in droves! 

Tomorrow's Blog Preview: What do I have in common with Marty McFly?  See you soon!

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