Monday, August 30, 2010

Like Clockwork

It happens every time.

Girl dreads running.  Girl goes running.  Girl tolerates running. Girl goes running again, begins to enjoy it, begins to look forward to it, begins to look for more opportunities to do it, and finds herself talking about "getting in some miles," and sending jittery messages on Facebook and Twitter looking for someone - anyone - who might be running the next morning.

Anyone running Tuesday?  Yeah, you?  Hey, you mind if I come?  Just this once man, I just need to get some miles in before Thursday. 

Hey, anyone running Thursday?  Not far, just six or seven miles, man. Just a little something to get me to the weekend.

Once I got over that OMIGOD I AM GOING TO RUN SIX MILES thing, and now six miles is like, whatever, I want to see what else I can do.  Saturday I had a great brick workout - bike to the run start, run five miles of hills, and bike home - and it felt incredible.  It feels really really good to be endurance training in a challenging way. 

This weekend I registered for the half-marathon!  I am really looking forward to running in it, especially since my sister is also doing it so we are training together via text messaging.  We have about six weeks of training to go, and I feel completely confident that we can do it. 

I just regret that there isn't a triathlon to do before the end of the year!  

What's your by-December-31-or-else goal?


ashley said...

that sounds just like me, lol. i'm so glad that 6mi is like whatever now.. i'm training for my first half in october.. ;)

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Me too! Good luck! I am going to add a mile next week. I can't wait for 10 miles to be easy! Have fun with your training. :)