Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Click: Have you heard it?

People get healthy on their own schedule, when they're ready.  It's common to hear someone describe hearing "the click," and knowing that from that point forward, things were different.  Others make attempts to change their life and fail over and over, because it hasn't "clicked".  They want to, but they're not ready. 

I've heard the click.  I tape recorded it just in case I forgot what it sounded like.

Well, this guy heard the click, but instead of it being a metaphorical click in his brain, it was the click of the seat on a ride at the new Harry Potter park at Universal Studios.  Or, rather, the absence of the click.  He was dismissed from the ride because he was too overweight for the little handlebar thingy that goes over your head to tighten to the three clicks required by the park's insurance company.  So, he had to leave.

This can't be good for me.
Now, most Americans would throw a big three-year-old hissy fit over this and get all mad about how they have a right to be fat.  Not this guy.  He knew he was fat. He knew he needed to get healthy.  And who really cares if is motivation to finally do it is so he can ride a roller coaster at the Harry Potter park?  Harry Potter is awesome.  I am totally going to figure out the number of calories in a butter beer so I can run them off at the hotel gym before I visit. 

Anyway, I'm just tickled that this guy is having such a positive reaction to what could have been a really crappy experience.  Naturally, he's started a blog, which you can read here, and I really hope he makes it to his goal and beyond.

Losing weight isn't magic (but I am pretty sure that the magic metaphor will get plenty of play in his blog), but sometimes hearing that click is.  I'm glad he heard it, and I hope that soon, he hears three.

I will buy him a butter beer.

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