Thursday, September 2, 2010

This just in: woman mourns wasted calories.

Eater beware! 
My husband likes use cliched corporate terms in everyday language.  He thinks this is soooo funny.  One of his favorites is asking if "the juice was worth the squeeze."  Meaning, was the result worth the effort it took to get?

And yesterday, it was not. Ugh!

I saw a billboard recently for whole wheat pizza crust at a local place and suggested we try it for dinner one night.  I love me some pizza, and whole wheat crust is one of my favorites.  But pizza is high in calories and I knew I needed to bank some energy if I wanted to eat any.  So yesterday I went to the gym and CRANKED IT OUT, BABY!  I burned so many calories in an hour I thought my GoWearFit was going to explode.  It was such a fantastic workout and I totally wasted it on this pizza.

The pizza crust?  Great!  The rest of  It took three napkins (THREE NAPKINS!) to sop up the grease from one piece.  It was such a shame that all of the nutritional goodness of the whole wheat crust was cancelled out by the lackluster toppings.  The pizza I make at home, on a whole wheat crust and full of fresh, delicious veggies and feta cheese, is way way way better and doesn't require an hour of sprint intervals to burn it off.

I love doing sprint intervals, and I love the intense payoff in calories burned as a result.  It's a win-win: I get some major endorphins pumping through my blood, and my body creates a little stockpile of burned energy that I can use later if I need it. But I work hard for that stockpile, and I guard it closely.  I don't like to waste stored energy on inferior food.

So I am mourning that energy today.  I could have used it for something really incredible, something really worth it, and I wasted it on greasy pizza.  Bah. But I did have a fantastic workout and am still high on endorphins and totally want to go do it again today so its not a total loss. 

I guess maybe I need to reconsider the definition of juice.  I regret wasting those calories on that greasy pizza, but the high from a great workout...definitely worth it! 

Have a great day everyone!

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Tanya Leehans said...

We love to make pizza at home loaded up with fresh veggies, good crust & good cheese. It's a thousand times better for us but it also has so much more flavor than a greasy restaurant pizza!

After a serious downward spiral in health and the way I feel over the last couple months, I was just diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Ack! I am reading your blog looking for inspiration to get healthier and prevent full-blown diabetes.