Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kids Meal No Equal Chicken Nuggets

Today my husband handed me a coupon for our local grocery store, saying, "you might get a kick out of this."

It's a coupon for $1 off of a kid's meal from the deli.  I was cynical.  I expected to see processed meat and cheese on enriched crackers, sugar-soaked fruit, and artifically-sweetened cookies. 

I was pleasantly surprised.

It's pretty much what I pack my kiddo for lunch almost every day.  The picture shows a sandwich, yogurt, carrot sticks, and juice. The yogurt is YoKids by Stoneyfield Farms, which is a trusted brand for quality, and while carrots aren't exactly the most powerful veggie to eat mid-day, I don't really expect a grade-schooler to munch on asparagus or eggplant. (Healthy Heather tip: pack berries instead for brain power!)  Only real drawback is that bottle of juice, which is waaaay more juice than anyone needs in a day.  But the concept made me happy.  The sandwich is on actual wheat bread, the lunchmeat is Boar's Head (still lunchmeat, but no fillers), and it sends the message that lunch is just that: lunch.  Fuel to get through your day.  Thank you Publix for not being part of the "food is fun" movement.

So will I use the coupon?  I might.  I enjoy preparing healthy meals and have the time to do it, so a pre-made lunch is not really a necessity for me.  But, I think it would be a great alternative or picnic-type thing, and it is nice to know it's available.

Thanks Publix for giving parents a break!  Download coupons and check out other clean eating help in Publix's Greenwise section. 


Anonymous said...

Hopefully others will follow suit!

E. Peterman said...

This is also a great alternative for no-cook nights — SO much better than Lunchables.

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Good point, E. I see Lunchables and shudder!

Michael said...

And Rex wouldn't have to suffer the ostracization (made up word)from his classmates for the "weird but healthy" lunches Mom packs for him

Just kiddin Heather.