Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ask Me About the Day I Overslept

Short story short: I didn't run 6 miles today.

I totally planned to.  I laid out my clothes, gave myself a pep talk, and then proceeded to sleep through the whole dang thing.  When my alarm rang at 6:30 I realized I had set it wrong and developed a new-found appreciation for the power of my subconcious.

So now I have to run six miles tomorrow, which will be a huge pain because I'll have to get up monster early, but whatever. It's gotta happen eventually and there is no time like tomorrow!

I'm actually really bummed.  I know I needed the sleep but I was looking forward to battling it out with the pavement.  But the bright side is that I have the rest of the day to anticipate my run tomorrow!

And figure out when I am going to fit in today's cardio.....hmmm....hello lunchtime elliptical!

Well, at least there is a bright side.  And, its a reminder that wellness isn't a one-shot deal.  Just as wellness is something that needs constant awareness, it is also a self-renewing goal.  Every day is another chance to be awesome at it, and that means you never lose. 

I missed the mark today but I racked up some needed sleep and feel better as a result.  No worries; tomorrow you can ask me about the six miles I ran. :)

Good day!


Emma said...

It happens, over sleeping that is, what isnt happening is you running with us. We did a great 6miler in winthrop park this am.

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Ack! I would have loved that!