Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Clutter-Free Workout

Like most people, one of the big reasons I like to exercise is to clear my head.  People talk at me all day long and to be honest, I love you guys but sometimes it just plum wears me out.  So I center myself through exercise. 

And I throw stuff out.

Way back in the day, my husband proposed marriage by saying he wanted to have "a garage full of junk" with me.  Well, mission accomplished.  Over the 13 years of our marriage we have done our patriotic duty of accumulating lots of STUFF.   We have a small house.  I like my small house.  All of the stuff?  Not so much. 

So for the past couple of years, I have done periodic PMS-fueled closet purges, bringing carloads of stuff to Goodwill or leaving it out for neighborhood dumpster divers.  It feels amazing.  The less stuff I have, the happier I am.  

This is me after decluttering.
Except I wouldn't have the
scarf-thing because I would
have decluttered it.
And, as it turns out, my workouts are better as a result.

I've started noticing a pattern: whenever I declutter, the next week's workouts are absolutely exhilerating.  I'm sure there are other bigger-picture things going on at the same time that contribute to it but I have decided that this is the reason and it's my blog so get over it.  My runs are better, I am more flexible, I lift heavier, and I am faster.

I am happier.  Instead of focusing on stuff, I am focusing on life.

The clutter-free life is leading to clutter-free workouts.  Clutter-free workouts lead to a happier me.  I am totally in favor of that.

But don't worry, the hubs still has his garage full of junk.  It's called the Man Cave.  The Man Cave makes a happier husband. A happier husband means I can train more.  Me training more makes me happy.  Everyone wins. :)

Want to declutter your life to declutter your workouts?  Check out these tips. 

Just don't print it out. :)

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