Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation, Healthy Heather Style

I've been on vacation (well, what passes for vacation in my family, which means all us crazies piling into my aunt's house in the middle of a cornfield to drink wine, swap stories around the campfire, and play bingo with the carnies at the fair across the alley) so workouts were a little hit and miss.  In fact, I said I was going to take a break from exericse but come on, be serious.  Did anyone really think I would do that?  No, I took advantage of a late start getting on the road to eeek out a workout with Capt. Awesome before we left, and cranked out 90 minutes of cardio the next day while hubby and son slept! 

The next morning I woke up thinking it would be a rest day.  Every one in a while I try that whole "relaxation" think I keep hearing about.  But by 3:00 I was itching for some activity so I hopped on my aunt's one-speed and biked to the local grocery store to pick up some 70% cacao chocolate for the s'mores and the ingredients for my Black Bean Turkey Burgers.  It's a short trip and the weather was gorgeous, and by the time I got back I felt appropriately challenged. It was the perfect vacation workout - blood pumping but not sweating, challenged but not fatigued. It was a vacation from my vacation!

As I pulled back into the yard with my backpack full of groceries, my sister called out, "I thought you were taking a break this week!"

Ha!  I just did! :)

Good day!

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