Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Fat Troubleshoot: A Review

So last week, still on a high from ordering my GoWear Fit (which is on my arm calculating away as I type!), I bought and downloaded an e-book called The Fat LossTroubleshoot, written by a trainer named Leigh Peele, who also wrote the detailed review of the GoWear Fit that ultimately convinced me to buy it. 

Now, let me confess something: I made a New Year's resolution this year to stop wasting my money on gadgety fitness doohickeys.  I've bought (and lost or broken) more heart-rate monitor watches, pedometers, fancy water bottles, diet and nutrition books, kitchen appliances, and Lord knows what else over the years in the name of making my life easier.  And I think I made pretty good progress making it all the way to June before I bought two new fitnessy things at once. :)  So yay me. 

I read the entire book over the weekend, making copius notes in the margins, and I think it was a good use of $40.  In its 150 pages, Peele debunks a lot of myths related to nutrition for fat loss and sheds some light on a few realities that none of us really want to face, like the truth about how many calories we actually burn and how many we actually eat.  And, I was very glad to spend $40 to find out that for about 95% of my training and nutrition, I am doing everything pretty darn close to perfect.  Another yay for me!  As for that other 5%, now that I know about them AND have my GoWear Fit, well I am pretty much unstoppable! I can do anything! Maybe I should call BP and offer my assistance.

The book is really helpful, with some great formulas and calculators designed to explain the incredibly complex human body (well, the part related to metabolism anyhow) in an easy-to-understand and readable format. Considering I really didn't care for the online persona of the writer going in (because I tend to not like people who are like me and plus the homepage of her website made me think that maybe I shouldn't be looking at it on my work computer), that is some pretty high praise!  I really liked the book and came away feeling thankful to her for writing it.  I would gladly give her some more money to tell me some more stuff.

Check it out - I'll be sharing some of her insights and my experiences with them here as they are relevant. 

Good day!

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Andrea said...

wow! i hope that pic is just an example of a gadgety thing and not your new GoWear Fit.