Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Didn't Fall on My Face Today. Score!

I didn't fall down today.  That is an accomplishment!  Granted, its only 8:45 am so I have a ways to go. But as a klutz supreme, I'm just excited to be wearing a skirt sans bruised shins from some exercise-related calamity.

I have a little bit of a history of falling down and being otherwise clumsy in the gym, to the point that whenever someone else falls or kicks something over, it's called, "pulling a Heather."  Seriously, you accidentally hook a step mid-jump and send risers flying all over the gym and suddenly that's all anyone can remember.

Well, today was all about balance in my workout.  Captain Awesome had me doing all kinds of stuff on the Bosu ball, single-leg dead lifts, funky squats and lunges and toe-touches and whatnot, and I was pretty excited to learn that my balance has increased tremendously over the past year or so!  My agility and balance used to be very poor, and today I completed everything with ease.  It was a good feeling and confirmed that I am ready for something more challenging.  Like levitation.

Balance training is not only fun because you get to use nifty stuff like Bosu balls, wobble boards, bands, and big bouncy exercise balls, but its great exercise for those days when you want to work out and be active but you're a little bit pooped and not really in the right mindset for anything aggressive.  Check out this site for more information on the role of balance in fitness, and find out for yourself.

Good day

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Jamie said...

I can SO relate to the clumsy factor. Great seeing you this morning!