Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thanks for the Jam! Or is This Jelly?

You know, there is something a little bit wrong and probably uniquely Southern about finishing up a workout and then heading to a locker room where everyone lines up to get their jar of homemade jam and then discusses the differences between jelly and jam and which is their favorite variety.

At lunchtime, I work out at a church recreation center that attracts a demographic different from any gym crowd I have ever seen. A group of men I endearingly refer to as the First Baptist Church Men's Knitting Circle and Weightlifting Club discuss shepherd's pie recipes while exercising, the women in the locker room debate the true end of deer hunting season, and Sharon's Short Stop Cafe is located next to the reception desk, selling fried pork chops, cheese grits, and other sundry snacks for the post-workout refuelingI am totally serious.

And you know, I work out with these people almost every day, and even though I rarely utter more than, "have a good afternoon," when I am on my way out, I have come to love them.  They work hard, they huff and puff to stay healthy and fit, and I am pretty sure that if I ever find myself with a mess of catfish, they would be able to tell me who can clean it for me and how to fry it up.  But something tells me the real reason they workout so hard is so they can eat cobbler and fried pork chops and biscuits with jelly (or jam, depending on their preference) without too much heartburn over the impact on their girlish figures.  I admire that about them.  They have great attitudes and a lot of fun, and while I enjoy living squarely within my militant perspective about eating for function, I can appreciate the thrill of rebellion through cheese grits. 

I never did find out the difference between jelly and jam, except that jam "sticks to the bread better."  Unfortunately, it also sticks to me. :)

Good day!

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Anonymous said...

Ironically enough, I left the homemade chokecherry JELLY off my English Muffin today...... :)