Thursday, June 24, 2010

Procrastination Station

I had to work out at a hotel gym this week, and as you probably know, hotel gyms are a mixed bag.  In this case, the website described the fitness center as "state of the art."  After visiting it for a workout, I am pretty sure they were referring to preschool art. 

But, I made it work. Warmed up on the elliptical for a while, then moved over to the treadmill for my HIIT workout.  But as I started to jog, my legs weren't into it.
Please don't make us do this again, they begged. 

The treadmill did seem a little rickety and I doubted its ability to handle the pounding of some of the longer sprint intervals.  So I went back to the elliptical.  But then that treadmill totally turned the tables on me.  It began to mock me!  Taunt me!  Act all tough like it had gotten the best of me! You know I wasn't about to let that fly, so I stepped back on.  My legs did one of those heavy sighs that women do when they want you to ask what's wrong so they can tell you it's nothing.

But after a minute or two I went back to the elliptical. This was getting ridiculous.  I knew I wanted that calorie burn but man, that workout is tough!  But, time ticking, I finally sucked it up, stopped procrastinating, and did the damn thing.  The treadmill held up, I finished the intervals, and then walked up 12 flights of stairs back to my room.  Done.  Fine.  Happy now?

When I plugged in my GoWearFit and saw that I had burned 800 calories in the last hour, I was glad I did those intervals!  My workout done, I was free to start procrastinating on other things instead.  :)

Sometimes you just have to suck it up and do it. 

So go do it!

Good day!

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