Monday, June 28, 2010


I've been spending some time away from my "home gym" these last couple of weeks, with more traveling looming in the future.  So it was such a nice treat to get to workout with Captain Awesome this morning.  Some elliptical work and weights circuit at home kicked off my Monday, and then the HIIT treadmill workout followed by some great heart-pumping compound exercises that kept me huffing and puffing.  What a fantastic way to start the week!

Traveling around to different gyms challenges me to be more independent in my workouts.  I really love working with a trainer because it gives my brain a break.  I spend all day solving problems and figuring out stuff for other people to do, so it's nice to have some time when someone else decides things and I just follow.  When I am on the road, I write out my workouts on that little pad of paper they leave you in hotel rooms so when I get down to the "gym," I am not at a loss for what to do.  It's a great accountability tool, as well, because I save the little cocktail-napkin workouts for future trips and remember what worked and didn't work.

They also make me feel guilty when I am thinking about skipping a workout, which is a nice side-benefit. :)

What do you do when you're away from home base?  Traveling doesn't have to mean letting your health and fitness lapse; it's a great chance to try something new and challenge yourself!

Good day!

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