Monday, October 4, 2010

Silent But Deadly

I'm back!  And it is gooooood to be back.  After a week of work travel, long days, a crummy hotel "gym," a hotel-room fridge that froze my spinach, and weekends so packed with exercise for other people that I didn't get to train myself, I am very much contented to sit here and write to you on a completely normal day.

I started my completely normal day with a brisk 5-mile run and some ferocious weights with my new trainer, Justin.  Justin doesn't play, yall.  Where Captain Awesome earned his name by being enthusiastic, positive, cocky, athletic, and with confidence to spare, Justin is an altogether different kind of trainer.  He's quiet, thorough, focused, calculating, and methodical.  He quietly explains what he wants you to do, and then he stands there and stares at you until you complete it.  Then he tells you something else, and it is very, very clear that you will do it and you will do it well and there will not be any discussion.

He's right there with the praise on a job well done, but his no-nonsense way reminds me that that's what he expected: a job well done.  I never have a clue what he is going to come up with next, but I always do it and I always survive and I am almost always sure it will make me want to throw up.  In a good way.

So after just a month or so of training together, he's earned his name: Silent But Deadly.  SBD for short.  This morning, SBD had me do some squat/shoulder presses, then step-ups with monster weight, kettlebell deadlifts, and these crazy-painful Bosu ball front-and-back stepping things.  Then jumping back and forth all around a hula hoop, jump squats, forward lunges (in case you're keeping track, I still hate those), and some other stuff I blocked out of my memory.

What I like the most about SBD is that he keeps me moving. My heart rate stays up, I do something new every day, and I have fun.  He tolerates my chatter and laughs at my jokes, which automatically make me a fan.

I think I'll keep him. :) 

Good day!

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