Friday, October 15, 2010

A Little Friday Inspiration For Ya

I've noticed that some of my favorite people to follow on Twitter are in the UK.  I love their training attitude - they celebrate just as much as they train, and they help remind me to strive for some balance in my life.  What I admire the most is that they don't take themselves too seriously. Oh, they train their butts off and seriously compete, don't get me wrong.  They just know how to keep it all in perspective.

And my favorite blog to read is written by one of them.  I love to read it because it doesn't have thousands of followers, giveaways, or celebrity guests...its just an old-school web log of a guy's training for the Ironman.  He calls himself the Lazy Ass Triathlete, because he doesn't subscribe to the manic lifestyle of gadgets, nutrition, formulas, and other stuff that seems to be part of the sport.  He just trains and races.  And he inspires the hell out of me because of it.

He just got back from the Ironman in Kona, which in itself is awesome in my eyes.  My little sprint triathlon was a warm-up to this insane test of strength (and sanity!).  Not only was it fun to read some of the behind-the-scenes of what goes into participating in a race of that magnitude, it was great to read about the race from a participant's perspective.  And, seeing that he ran the marathon portion (THE MARATHON *PORTION*) in just over three hours made my 2:18 half-marathon seem pretty humbling.  I was honestly in awe for the entire day just thinking about the discipline, grit, and holistic fitness that goes into an event like that.

And he calls himself lazy.

Check it out, friends, and tell me if you are not inspired to follow his lead. Okay, maybe not all the way to Kona. LOL  But get inspired to adopt a perspective of "I can and I will," when it comes to your fitness this weekend. 

And if you're on Twitter, check out @devoniain @roadUKrunner @Brix2Tri @ironmanj
 @ironrav and @abspow.

Get inspired!  Good day!


Iain said...

I'm honoured. Truly honoured! It's been totally amazing to see the support and frendship that posting a little blog about your training (and Twitter of course) can give you. It kept me going during the tough times when I just told myself to HTFU because I couldn't let my online friends down by not getting to that Finish Line........ Thanks for everything Heather ;-)

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

You're more than welcome! I agree - sometimes I want to quit and I remember that someone from Twitter or a blog is out there too and I run "for them." The power of community is amazing (and fun!). Have a great weekend!