Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kettlebells: Know Your Pro!

Sometimes people call me Jillian Junior, which kind of annoys me because I cannot stand Jillian Michaels' persona on TV.  I know that they're just referring to my "no pity" way of keeping people - and myself - accountable to their fitness goals, and I am glad they find that endearing because I don't plan to start being an enabler anytime soon. 

And I do think that Jillian Michaels makes some valid assessments about people's readiness to change when it comes to their personal wellness, and her brand of bullying can be effective for some people to wake up and get real about their health.  I just have a hard time getting past the diet pill thing.

ANYWAY.  Since I am already so down on Jillian, reading this article about criticism of her new kettlebell workout DVD just added fuel to my fire.  I have never done a kettlebell workout, although I do use them for resistance with dead lifts and whatnot at the gym.  But I do know that working with kettlebells can be a serious calorie-burner and is likely different from anything you've ever done before and therefore great for cross-training.  And I also know it needs to be done under the supervision of someone who knows what the heck they're talking about.

Friends, use your whole grain noodle.  If you want to try kettlebells, do!  But seek out a certified instructor and sign up for a class where you can be monitored safely.  Dragon Door offers this national search database where you can find a certified instructor, which includes my friend Laurel Blackburn of Boot Camps to Go.  Check them out!

Be healthy, be safe, be smart!  Good day!

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'Drea said...

I have mixed emotions about Michaels too.

I've wanted to try kettlebells for a while. This guy that I climb with said it's been great for his shoulders et al.