Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Put Up Your Dukes!

So today I did a really fun boxing workout and now I think Wednesdays will be boxing days.  Like I said Monday, I'm trying to maximize my calorie burn during resistance training so I can sleep more, and boxing is a great combination of cardio and resistance.  Today I spent more time than I wanted to standing around being demonstrated to than actually burning calories, but once I get the moves down and can do them back to back I think it will be a great way to torch up a Wednesday morning.

Oh, man.  I totally should have done the jump rope while he was showing me how to do the next set instead of just standing there with my gloves on my hips like a dope.  Damn it.  Oh, well.  Next time. 

Anyway, when I uploaded my GoWearFit, I had burned 900 calories before 8:00 am so that's pretty good considering I also scored an extra hour of zzzzzzzzzzzzs. 

My husband boxes for exercise and has a whole set-up in our game room complete with a heavy bag, speed bag, and some kind of weird thing that attaches to the ceiling and has a weight on the floor and a bag in the middle.  I don't know what that is for.  I don't want to know what that is for.  I just don't mess with it.

Anyway, he's mentioned a few times that I should box with him and he even bought me some gloves (and no they are not pink).  Now that I've had a little taste of it, I think that looks like an excellent way to decide who was the last person to empty the litter box.  (Hint: it was me.)

I can't claim to be an expert on boxing but I found some resources that may help you integrate some of it into your workout.  Check them out and practice your Muhammad Ali impression!  Or Rocky.  Or Popeye.  I actually don't care who you pretend to be as long as you get out there today and exercise those lazy bones!

Sample Boxing Routines
Boxing for Better Health
Hillary Swank did it and so can you!

And just because I love Popeye...

Good day!

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