Monday, July 26, 2010

Plyometric Monday!

I asked for this. 

I specifically remember saying to Capt. Awesome, "I want to do more plyometrics. Let's make Mondays plyometric days."

So I can't act like this is anyone's fault but my own.

But I have good reasons!

1. I need to sleep more.  The 5.5 hours/night average that my GoWearFit tells me I am getting is not healthy, and I need to get more.  So, that means sleeping later and not starting cardio at 4:00 am.  So that means maximizing the time I am at the gym.  So that means plyometrics.

2. I'm bored. I've been doing the maintenance-friendly cardio and weights routine for a while now and its time to shake it up.  I want to be *fit* not just un-fat.  There's a difference!

3. If I ever want to successfully do box jumps at the Ultimate Fitness Challenge, which I do, I need to learn how to jump.  Hours on the elliptical ain't gonna cut it.

So, that's how I found myself holding medicine balls while leaping, bounding, and hopping over benches and cones this morning.  I gotta say, it was the best workout I've had in a while.  Lots of fun, heart-pumping, and when I uploaded my GWF afterwards, it burned the same number of calories had I gotten up at 4:00 and done 45 minutes of mindless cardio.  So I scored an extra hour of sleep, too.  Yay!

Give plyometrics a try this week to build strength, speed, and balance, and just to do something different!  Here's some sample exercises to get you started.  Have fun, be safe, and get ready for Wednesdays.

That's when we start boxing.

Good day! :)

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