Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New mom = bring on the coffee (plus 4 reasons to drink up)

Some people try to wean themselves off of coffee, I am trying to wean myself back ON! I love coffee, and while two cups a day is more than enough for me, it was definitely a morning ritual (and sometimes sanity-saver) before I got pregnant. But, once with child, coffee upset my stomach something fierce so I put it aside. Ten months later, I'm ready to give it another shot. So today, I brewed myself a little pot in my 4-cup percolator and tested the waters. So far, no jitters and I am already feeling the calming, soothing effects of caffeine addiction. I mean, health benefits. Yeah, health benefits! That's what I meant! :)

Coffee, as bad a rep as it gets, can actually be healthy for you. It's what we put in our coffee that makes it unhealthy. Stop at Starbucks for a sugar latte or add artificially flavored creamer and you'll not only get yourself on the fast-track to sugar cravings the rest of the day, you'll also rack up the calories faster than you can say, "venti frap no whip." My coffee is good old-fashioned cafe au lait. Just reduced fat milk and coffee, straight up.  Good for the soul, good for the mommying!

Check out these 4 great reasons to drink coffee and then keep it simple while you sip. Remember, it's a pretty safe bet no matter what the menu item that the more ingredients are listed, the more calories and sugar you're taking in. It's a great day for coffee! Now get out there and get healthy!

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