Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bye-Bye Belly Update (and healthy food swaps)

Day seven of my Bye-Bye Belly plan is good news!  Down 3.5 lbs to 151.5. Now, of course I didn't actually lose 3.5 pounds in a week. That would mean a calorie deficit of 12,250 calories! Um, no, I've been sitting on the couch watching HGTV and feeding my baby every day. So I'm chalking it up to water weight, which means that soon my weight loss will revert back to it's usual habits, which generally net me about 2 ounces lost each month.

Insert good-natured eye-roll here

But, that doesn't mean I am not still making healthier swaps. My day has become a lot more colorful as I've been eating less grains and more veggies and fruit. Here's today's healthier food switcharoo: 

Bye-bye cereal for breakfast. It was fun, but I have a better bowl now.

Helloooo oatmeal! Those are cranberries, by the way. Not Craisins, not sugar-soaked dried cranberries, they're actual natural cranberries. You can get them in the frozen food section and when added with walnuts, oats, and cinnamon they are a power-packed antioxidant rich breakfast that's perfect before a walk in the beautiful fall weather. Read here about the health benefits of cranberries.

Just FYI, the cranberry sauce in the can does not have health benefits, no matter what my husband tells you.

Okay, back to baby feeding and couch-sitting. What are you doing to get out there and get healthy today?


Jen said...

I like raw cranberries. I usually make a relish with a whole orange and mint, but I've never just tried them in oatmeal. Thanks for the tips!
And congrats on your baby. I've been absent for a while, but that's great news.

Healthy Heather said...

Thanks Jen! It's good to see you again. :)