Monday, November 28, 2011

No gym, no problem! (At-home workout fun.)

I'm one week out from being able to hit the weights again, thank God. I honestly think the six weeks I am spending away from the gym are harder than the 10 months I spent pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is 10 months, my friends. 40 weeks does not equal 9 months, even a History major like me can figure that one out! :)

But anyway, I put my gym membership and trainer on sabbatical to save money while I am home with my baby, and also because for some reason my sweet precious little angel hasn't yet bought into the concept of arranging his sleep around my schedule. So, no 5:00 am workouts for me unless I plan to do them at home.

Good thing that's exactly what I plan to do! Today, I wandered into my home gym to do a little inventory. Now, when I say, "home gym," I mean a random collection of stuff my husband and I have accumulated over 14 years of marriage. Honestly, I'm pretty proud that there aren't more gadgets in here. Although, I think there is an ab wheel thing in a closet somewhere and more ankle weights than I care to admit.

We have a pull-up thingy, some free weights, boxing stuff, a weight bench, yoga mat, exercise ball, and apparently, a rebel fleet trooper helmet left over from when my husband went to Dragon*Con. I also have an elliptical machine but its not in the picture because it's across the room, next to the bar, because everyone likes to stare at half-empty bottles of Kahlua when they're working out and think of the cocktails they can't drink because they're trying to lose their baby belly. :)

Anyway, it's all cool because I don't need half of that stuff. My bye-bye belly workout will consist of, duh, running and a lot of body-weight exercises like burpees, plyometrics, and fun stuff like jumping rope and maybe trying a few rounds on my hubby's boxing stuff. You can read about how to create your own body-weight workout here. 

So. Gym inventory done. Now I just need time to actually workout. :)  No worries, you know I can always find a way. That's what baby monitors are for, right?

Have a healthy day: get out there and get healthy!


Anonymous said...

It's always hard to lose weight but if you run atleast for 15 minutes are for a mile and a half a day then that can show improvement. Also start playing sports just outside or in your driveway, there fun and they are a good core workout.

Healthy Heather said...

I'm looking forward to doing sports anywhere! :)

Compliance Hong Kong said...

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