Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Change Your Life Salad is Back!

Woot! I actually remembered to weigh myself this morning and was delighted to see another two pounds gone. I'm still a ways off from fitting into my regular clothes, as was evidenced this morning when I attempted to find something to wear for a meeting, but I'll take it. I made it through Thanksgiving unscathed. I guess that one-mile jaunt at the Turkey Trot burned more calories than I thought. :)

A big part of losing baby weight is simply eating more veggies.  Specifically, eating spinach. Spinach is my own personal miracle food. I even have a Popeye t-shirt that I can't fit into anymore. :) Every bit of muscle definition I have ever had (and will have) I can attribute to spinach. So, that means that my Change Your Life Salad is back! I didn't eat much of it when I was pregnant because veggies seriously grossed me out, but now that my taste buds (and gag reflex) are a little more reasonable it is back in full force.

It's the easiest and yummiest salad to make:

2 or 3 bunches of raw spinach
1 bunch romaine 
3 ounces of baked chicken or turkey 
4 or 5 strawberries
About 15 grams of feta cheese

No dressing needed! It is that good. Sometimes I do add a little Annie's Natural Papaya Poppy Seed dressing through. I eat it almost every day for lunch and it is sooo good.

I'm getting out there and getting healthy in the name of wearing my old jeans by New Years. What's your motivation to get out there and get healthy?

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