Monday, October 31, 2011

Oh Holy Diet Plans...

One step into Target will confirm it: while the calendar may say October 31, Christmas is upon us. As a self-professed Christmas fanatic, I am partially filled with glee. As a tired and hype-weary parent, however, this kind of fills me with dread. Okay, not dread. Just overwhelming fatigue.

I love Christmas, but what I don't love is all the emphasis on FOOD! The commercials have already begun, reminding us of all the food we loved as a child and how much fun we will have eating it again. And then, faster than you can say Black Friday, the next commercial chastises us for gaining so much weight and tries to sell us a quick weight loss gimmick.

But are they really gimmicks? I'm not a fan at all of frozen packaged meals or unrealistic expectations for weight loss, but there are some valuable lessons to be learned from programs like Jenny Craig, Nutri-System, and Weight Watchers. I've known people who have had great success on these plans, and those who have just added it to a long list of failed attempts to manage their weight. The difference? The winners learned from the programs they chose, and the losers expected the plan to do the work for them.

You can learn the lessons and be a holiday weight loss winner, too. Check out these tips for holiday weight gain prevention and put them into action now! Why wait until January? Get out there and get healthy!


ko0ty said...

I think any weight loss plans that are highly commercialized DOES work depending on the person. The only thing they don't advertise is that you must be 100% committed to the plan in ALL aspects (diet, exercise, motivation) and actually changing your life into a healthy LIFESTYLE, which is usually the only part that most people miss, thus fail!

Some people only focus on the diet, and not exercise and vice versa. Others will have success but revert back to their old ways once they "stop" the plan because they haven't actually turned it into a lifestyle, rather than a fad diet.

Healthy Heather said...

You're right, ko0ty! Real change requires real change, and there is no substitute for commitment and determination to become a little bit healthier every day. Thanks for reading, by the way! :)