Wednesday, December 8, 2010

January you have goals?

Okay so it's time to start thinking about goals for next year. Do you have 'em?  I do!  But you knew that.

This was a fantastic year.  I can't seem to wipe the silly grin off of my face when I think of all the wonderful things that happened this year and all that I achieved in my wellness.  2011 promises to be even better, if I can imagine it.  And of course I can!

So here goes!  My goals for 2011!  I can tell you're just dying with anticipation.

1. Get faster. I spent a lot of time racing this year and it was a lotta lotta fun.  But I'm tired of just participating. I want to get better! Faster! Make some PRs and really become competitive.  So, two of my morning runs are coming inside on the treadmill for a while so I can amp up my speed and start getting used to a faster pace. 

2. Get more smarter. Have I ever mentioned to you how much I loathed school as a kid? Well apparently that is not something you grow out of.  But, if I want to pass the exams to get the certifications I want, I gotta hit the books.  Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach certifications are goals so....I'll be needing some flash cards. *sigh*

3. Get certified.  See above. Not only learn stuff, but remember it long enough to pay lots of $$$ and pass an exam, neither of which will be conducted anywhere near my home.

4. Get fun! There are so many really fun events out there to do with friends and I am tired of seeing other peoples' pictures of them. So I am planning on at least one Rock and Roll Half Marathon, the Mud Run, and if I can swing it, the Warrior Dash. 

Have you started thinking of your goals and plans for 2011?  Tomorrow we'll talk more about making sure they happen!

Good day!


Jen said...

My main goal for next year is to eat cleaner, better, and hopefully the other goals that I want will fall in line because of that, i.e. getting faster, losing 10 lbs., feeling better overall.

ernise said...

I've been thinking about my goals, but haven't expressed them yet. Like you, I do want to get better regarding race participation. I need to think on additional goals for 2011.