Friday, December 17, 2010

Healthy Holiday Hint: The Feeders

As we get into the thick of the holidays, our resolve begins to wane. Doesn't it? I know mine has. Just turning on the television these days plants visions of sugar plums in our heads...and after seeing them enough times chances are your brain will begin to resent all of that teasing and want to bite into one. 

So it's time for reinforcements. Before you head into the weekend, read up on these Healthy Heather Holiday Hints.

There is an army of sugar plums out there, and they're armed. So, we're going to profile the threats. It may be your mother-in-law, your co-worker, or your neighbor…but you know who it is. That person who corners you and insists that you try their Triple Cheese and Bean Dip. They’re “feeders” and they want to feed YOU!  You can categorize them as such:

The Nurturing Feeder: needs connection and affection, which you can provide without eating pie.  A hug, a shared laugh, an inside joke...all of these things can provide what the Nurturing Feeder needs, but they don't make you fat.

The People Pleaser: needs to feel needed and appreciated, which you can provide by praising their thoughtfulness (but not eating the fruits of their labor).  You can even ask for their recipe...and then "healthify" it on your own. 

The Controlling Feeder: wants to take you down. They may be angry that you are not enabling their bad habits, or they may be jealous of your discipline and success. Regardless, your best line of defense here is to change the subject with haste. 

Feeders aren't bad people.  Well, that last one may have some anger issues.  But for the most part, they're just swept up in what they consider to be celebrating the holidays. If you want to have a healthy holiday, take a deep breath when you see these folks coming (holding a plate of something they want to feed you), remember their real motivation, and celebrate your relationship with them without the extra pounds.

It can happen! You can do it!

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