Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fit Tip for the Holidays

Some people say it is better to give than to receive during the holidays. I've noticed that a lot of those people are trying to give me rum cake.

But they're right - giving is a joy and the ability to give is a blessing.  So, give yourself and the people around you a gift this season: the gift of a wonderful January because you didn't eat all that rum cake.

That's right - here is today's Healthy Heather's Holiday Tip!

Tip 'o the Day: Be prepared!

Even the best-laid plans can go awry, but rarely does that happen when you are prepared. Look ahead to your week and categorize any holiday activities this way:

1. Category 1: What you can control. Like for example, YOU can control what you eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. For real, you can. I dare anyone to open your mouth with a prybar and shove food down your throat. 

2. Category 2: What you can’t control.  You can't control what your friend makes for a party that you attend, and you can't control what someone brings to the office kitchen and displays in plain sight.  You can, however, control your reaction to it.  Which brings us to category number 3!

3. Category 3: What battles you are going to fight.  Okay, I get that it is the holidays and I know it is hard to not get caught up in the food worship.  So, if necessary, compromise with yourself – maybe a glass of wine is okay but not wine AND cheese and crackers.  If you want to indulge in holiday food, make it worth it.  There is a difference between an indulgence and a binge.  Know your limits.

As always, please remember - the holidays are about celebrating with family and friends, and that can be done without food being the centerpiece.  By thinking ahead and making a plan, you can avoid being mistaken for Santa Claus come January.

Be good!  He sees you when you're eating! :)


Pam said...

Wanna know what our traditional Christmas dinner is on my side of the family?


It started a few years ago when my mom was trying to plan a meal. As everyone was discussing who would bring what, one person made mention of how sick they were of eating and Christmas being overrun by food. That was all it took! It's like everyone was just waiting for someone to say it first. lol

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

I love it! Plus chili can be so healthy for you. And it is easier to clean up!

Pam said...

YUP! And you throw it in the crockpot and let 'er go! No slaving in the kitchen. You've got time to do more FUN Christmasy things!

Best tradition we ever started.