Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ode to My Sister

My sister is uaually game to
pose for ironic pictures,
which is fun for me.
Sisters are interesting.  At least mine is.

We have almost nothing in common, yet everything in common.  Growing up three years apart, we were close enough in age to annoy each other and our very different personalities clashed in some pretty stereotypical ways: she was popular and had 40 best friends, I stayed on the fringe of a smaller group of friends and worked on my angst.  She was a cheerleader throughout high school, I was in the choir and had unfortunate haircuts.  She went to the big state university, I went to the small liberal arts college.  We're like a Lifetime movie, but hopefully without the philandering husbands and/or neighborhood crime-solving. 

And thank God, because I really do not have time for crime-solving in my life right now.  If my husband decides to have an affair or a mystery involving my neighbors needs to be solved, everyone is just going to have to wait for me to deal with it because there is only so much I can do at once.

Well anyway, naturally over the years we've gotten older and wiser and realized that the other is actually a pretty cool person.  Recently, this discovery has been through our shared tolerance of running. Over the past year we've started running together and while she is way faster than I am, it's been a nice shared interest.  We've even registered for a half-marathon and will complete it next month!  This past weekend I was home visiting and it was really nice to have her for a running partner, both for the accountability and the company. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a sister at all, much less one that they actually like running with.  I'm thankful to have both.  If we were actually a Lifetime movie, this would be the part where we're leaving the court room, having just ensured the life sentence of the crazed woman who had drugged and seduced our brother so she could make him fall in love with and marry her, ultimately confirming her deluded belief that she was the psychotic mother of his children.  And we would say something cliched about how for two people with almost nothing in common, we really do make a good team.  Then we would laugh and go have coffee together.

But since this is a blog and not a movie, I'll just say thanks Betsy for becoming enough of a dork over time to go running with me and for running slow enough for me to keep up.



Susan said...

Aww! I loved reading this Heather! You are both amazing women and I am blessed to count you among my friends. Can't wait to see you gals at the race in October - super fun!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! You two are so cute together.....

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Thanks guys! And Susan, I am looking forward to racing with you!

Lace said...

This was cute :) But there better not ever be a 'crazed woman who drugs and seduces your brother so she can make him fall in love with and marry her'. Unless... oh crap, is that me?

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

ROFL! I was SO NOT thinking of you when I wrote that, Lacey. But just in case it IS you, rest assured that Betsy and I will totally bust yo ass.

Betsy said...

Thanks Heather!!! I had fun running with you this weekend too. If only you lived in Slidell, then we could run together all of the time. Can't wait to complete one of my life goals with you in October.

Love, Betsy