Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: I'm Pooped

What a year! Wow, what a year. 365 days ago I was packing my metaphorical suitcase and dreaming of 2011, my best year ever. It's so nice to reflect back and realize that every single thing I wanted to accomplish in 2011 got done: I ran another half marathon, earned my Wellness Coach and PT certifications, quit my job, started my coaching business, had a baby, published my wellness calendar, and got full-hog back into running and strength training after giving birth. My business is chugging, my children are healthy and happy, and my husband gets cuter by the day. If I didn't know any better, I would hate me.

And now 2012 is sitting patiently waiting for me to state my intentions. Well, it will have to get comfortable because my big goal for 2012 is to slow down. 2011 was a roller coaster and frankly, I'm worn out. 2011 was the year of achievement, and 2012 will be the year of being choosy. Here are my goals:

1. Return to my 2009 level of fitness (which was before I started trying to get pregnant, had a miscarriage, and subsequently got pregnant, all of which put my fitness on the back burner).

2. Be a mommy first, business maven second. My sweet little man will only be a baby for a short while longer, and this year belongs to my boys. 

3. Get a new rug for the play room in my house. The one I have now is old and yucky and I hate it.

There you have it! 2012, I hope you are ready for me because I am ready for...zzzzzzzzz


waytenmom said...

Great goals, Heather! You are so very right about your children .... treasure this exhausting, exhilarating time!! Thank you for all of your support of my fitness goals. I hope to send you a different picture of me by May to put alongside the one that's on the calendar!!!

Healthy Heather said...

Thanks Paula! I think it will be a great year, and I can't WAIT to see your May picture! :) Hope to see you at some races this year.