Monday, June 20, 2011

Eat Simple Challenge: Days 4, 5, and 6

So I totally dropped off the planet and didn't post anything else about the Eat Simple Challenge. It was a very busy weekend! But I still did Days 4, 5, and 6, which were about looking for packaged foods in my diet that I can eliminate. Since most of the packaged foods I eat are bread or yogurt, that's pretty simple. I can make both of those myself. How about you?  Were you surprised by the number of packages you opened, or did you feel like you were doing a pretty good job eating clean?  I'd love to hear about your experience.

Now, will I actually make my own bread and yogurt? Yes and no. My husband said, after reading about our naan being on the list of packaged foods, "please don't get rid of our naan. I love our naan."  LOL  So we'll keep that. But the rest of my bread I can definitely make at least once a week.  Yogurt is really just a casualty of convenience and cost-effectiveness. I have a yogurt maker and have made my own, but I haven't found that it is cost-effective (or time efficient) considering that I like really thick Greek-style yogurt. Chobani is just fine with me!

The challenge was a great one for awareness. I am definitely more tuned in to the packages I open each day, and when I did my weekly shopping at the grocery I was proud of how clean my buggy was. Over the past month I have gotten right back on my regular routine of eating lots of veggies and few packaged foods.  Take that, pregnancy appetite!  

Oh, and the result? Awesomeness all around.  Almost every time I've started seeing muscle definition, it's a direct result of eating spinach. Popeye was right!  After just one week of eating more vegetables, my muscles are back out and I feel like myself again. 

Give it a try! Eat simple: chuck the packages, eat lots of veggies, and tell me if you don't feel great as a result. It's really easy...just get out there and get healthy!

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Ellen said...

This fits right in with how I try to shop: around the perimeter of the grocery store. There are fewer packages in the produce, meat and dairy departments, and less "junk".

However, I still like my Nature's Path organic granolas. Some packages are here to stay (sigh).