Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birthday Fun!

Today is my birthday!Woot! I have the best birthday because its right smack dab in the middle of the year, so it's the perfect time to:
1) buy myself gifts
2) re-asses my goals

First the gift part. My birthday present to myself is to FINALLY register for my WellCoaches Wellness Coach certification exam. It's expensive, yo! And since we live debt-free I have been saving my pennies so I could have it and this time next month I should be certified to mess with people's heads.  Well, related to their health and wellness goals anyway. :)

Now the goals part. I always see my birthday as a mid-year New Year's Day just for me (and my lifelong friend Cathy who has the same birthday as me. Happy birthday, Cathy!).  So for the next 365 days I have a few things in mind that I want embrace:

1) Live the 95210 philosophy. 9 hours of sleep a night, 5 servings of fruits or veggies a day, 2 hours or less screen time, 1 hour of exercise, and 0 sugary drinks every day.  Nine hours of sleep might be next to impossible once my bambino makes his arrival but hey, it's a goal. :)

2) Clean and Lean living. Over the past year my husband and I have made some serious strides towards the true American dream: living within our means and free from debt. We're there now, and it's mighty fine. I'd love to see this be a constant in our lives and not participate in the national pastime of debt wading. Come live Clean and Lean with me!

3) Plyometrics. I want to become a plyometric phenomenon. Enough said.

A few other birthday side notes:

yes I have already eaten cake (my lovely co-worker and friend made a clean eating cake for me!)

yes I have already eaten ice cream (all natural, thankyouverymuch)

yes I will have more of both later.

Have a fantabulous Healthy Heather's Birthday and as always...get out there and GET HEALTHY!


Pam said...

Happy birthday, Heather!!!

'Drea said...

Happy Birthday. :)

It sounds like you're off to great start in this new year of your life.

Healthy Heather said...

Thanks guys! It was a really fun day. :)