Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Superbowl Super Psych

The Superbowl is on Sunday which means two things:
1. 2011 is going by WAY too fast, and
2. Dip.

If you're going to a Superbowl party and don't have the metabolism of a 26 year-old running back, here are some ideas for how to make sure you score a nutritional touchdown:

Workout that morning!  I am running a half marathon on Sunday, but that's just me.  And no, that doesn't give me license to eat my body weight in chili cheese fries during the game.  Exercise will set your mind in a healthy, happy zone that will make you want to be healthier all day.  Remember, exercise is proactive, not reactive!

Read before you buy.  There are plenty of products out there that give you that "I'm being bad" feeling of junk food but don't junk up your body.  You can have chips, dips, and all manner of tailgating food without eating trans fats and preservatives.  I even saw healthified cheetos the other day! These products are usually hidden in a special "natural" section of the grocery store, though, which kind of makes me wonder why anyone shops in the unnatural section....but that's a different blog for a different day.

Don't assume that healthier means healthy. Just because something has better ingredients that doesn't mean it has fewer calories.  Even healthy food has calories and unless you are actually playing in the Superbowl, I am guessing you need to keep them in the 1,700- 2,500 range.  Monday does exist, after all.

Eat to live, don't live to eat.  The Superbowl is awesome, I love it!  But it is possible to watch the game without eating.  I know that might sound weird but I've done it before and lived to tell the story.  You can, too!  Drink a bottle of water for every sports cliche you hear during the game and I promise, you won't even have time to eat.

Make your Superbowl Sunday a winner!  Focus on the fun of the game instead of the food and you'll score a win-win.

(Hint: that was your first cliche)


Ellen said...

Warning: "healthified" cheetos are still HIGHLY addictive. Trust me, I know because I'm addicted to them!

Betcha can't eat just one (I know I can't!)

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

I didn't even buy the bag! I didn't want to know how many I could not eat. LOL