Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to the best year ever

Happy New Year!
We made it! 

It's 2011, the best year of our lives!  I can't wait to dig right in and see what's waiting for me.

I'm so completely excited about 2011 
I can hardly stand myself.

I started my New Year's Day with a nice run, and will end it with some of the stretches I learned in the functional movement screen that I did this week with Laurel Blackburn at Boot Camps to Go. I'll tell you more about that on Monday when we dive into talking about some of the fundamentals of starting healthy habits that will stick all year.  

Today, get out there and breathe some good, fresh air into your lungs!  Have a great day, a great workout, and a wonderful New Year's Day.

Ready or not, here we gooooooooo!

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