Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Half-Marathon Primping

Having a picture taken mid-run is
so glamorous. LOL Credit for this goes
to Herb Wills of Trouble Afoot.
So it seems ironic that in this week of body-image and positive self-talk, I have caught myself thinking about a little piece of prep-work in advance of a half marathon I am running in a few weeks: primping for the photos.
Now, not many people look hip and stylish at the end of a race, and I am definitely not one of them. I look exactly as I should - hot, sweaty, worn out, thirsty, and manically hungry.  Not a good look for most people but I give it my all.

And when I see photos of myself in mid-run, I cringe. Not because of negative self-talk or poor body image - because of what I choose to wear!  I don't usually get myself all gussied up for a workout, but I think I may need to start trying a little harder for actual races that take place in daylight and have spectators. Maybe something that doesn't have holes.  You know that old running mantra, "don't race in new gear?"  I need to start doing that.

So I've been doing my half-marathon primping. I consider it a way to build up the anticipation of a race and get psyched.  I got some spiffy new running tights for Christmas, my favorite and not-quite-shabby-yet wicking shirt, and maybe this time I'll wear a hat that doesn't already have permanent sweat stains (and smells) on it.  That would probably be appreciated by my fellow runners.

I don't have a witty ending to this post. I've been wracking my brain for something cute to say here, but I've got nothing.  :)  Today my blog just is what it isn't.

Kinda like my exercise fashion sense.

Good day!


Jen said...

I admit that I think about this too! Those darn pictures are around forever so I think about what I'm going to wear that day. My husband teases me that it's just a big fashion show!

Jessica (Fit and Clean) said...

I'm training for my first half, but I have pics of mid-run and they are not pretty either. I wore sunglasses one year that kept sliding down my nose! LMAO I have to figure out what I'm going to wear as well. In Atlanta it'll be kind of warm and it is at the end of March.

The (not so) Reluctant Athlete said...

Yeah, I keep looking around me and thinking, "these girls look really cute!" I can't promise I will follow through on it, but I may stick a thing of Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer in my car that morning at least! LOL

And good luck Jessica!

Bethany said...

I personally love your "jazz hands" in this photo!
And I recommend running skirts! They are super cute and super comfy.

Jill Marie said...

I love the non-matching socks. It's a good look! I just don't let people take pictures of me - the school pictures are bad enough!