Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Great News for My Mom: Microwave Popcorn No Longer Needed!

I have two adorable, sweet, precious nieces whom I love. I'm sure they love me too, but they also love popcorn. Maybe even more than me. And they really love it when my mom makes them popcorn in the microwave.

The last time I was home, there was a news story on television about how FDA has found that chemicals in packaged popcorn - like the chemicals in many processed foods - are really bad for us. I'm telling you, this clean eating thing, it's kinda a good idea.

Anyway, I had just been getting on my mom's case about the popcorn, and she was all rolling her eyes at me, and then the news came on and I was all, "see? I'm not crazy!" And she was all, "then what the heck are we supposed to do? We can't eat anything anymore! Not even popcorn!" And she poured herself a glass of wine because as far as she knows, wine is still good for her.

What my mom doesn't remember is back in the day, when I was a kid, she would make us popcorn every Sunday for dinner. Yes. Popcorn for dinner. We would all line up on the couch, put a paper towel in our lap, get our scoops of popcorn, and watch "Murder, She Wrote." And she made that popcorn in an air popper, not the microwave. Interesting. How soon we forget. 

Anyway, I was recently strong-armed into buying popcorn from my son to support his scout troop. As I browsed the catalog of caramel corn, chocolate-covered popcorn, and yes, microwave popcorn, I came across something a little more up my alley: popcorn kernels! "Buddy, we are going to make popcorn on the stove," I told him. He was skeptical, but we tried it and it was pretty awesome.

Then I was bragging about my popcorn at the next scout meeting when one of the moms told me she makes popcorn in the microwave in a paper bag. Really? Do tell!

I came home and got straight to Googling. Sure enough, there were instructions for making microwave popcorn without all the cancer. Here's how.

1/4 cup popcorn kernels
2 tsp olive oil
Scotch tape
Paper bag

  1. Pour the popcorn kernels into the bag.
  2. Pour the olive oil into the bag.
  3. Fold over the top and seal with tape.
  4. Shake the bag to distribute the oil.
  5. Put into the microwave for 2 minutes (your microwave may take longer, I found that it burned if I went any longer).
  6. Add salt or whatever seasoning you like.
  7. Enjoy!
It is so easy that I've been making microwave popcorn almost every day for a week! So, my mom's problems are solved. Well, her popcorn-related problems anyway. And, my two precious nieces can eat popcorn without Aunt Heather feeling all bad for giving them cancer and stuff. Everyone wins!

Get out there and get healthy, even if you like microwave popcorn!


Gopher said...

we still go the old fashioned route with a steel bowl, some tin foil and the stove but I'm going to have to give your microwave method a couple of tries.

I like the fact I can add whatever seasoning I like to the oil and take popcorn to a whole new level. Even without seasoning, good extra virgin olive oil adds so much more flavor than butter.


Ellen said...

I still do my popcorn on the stove, but love the idea of your microwave version--less clean-up :-).

I like to get a little funky with the seasonings, too; curry powder, garlic powder or chili powder and ground coriander.


Gopher said...

That's the beauty of home made popcorn; (ok, it comes in second, the cheapskate in me loves the value) the fact you can flavor it to suit your particular fancy.

When I'm in Dubai I pick up a ton of spice (they have a HUGE spice souk in old Dubai and I take a small vacuum sealer with me on the ship)which inevitably leads to some rather off-the-wall popcorn seasoning.

I suppose now I need to figure whether it's cheaper to use the stove or the paper bag and microwave. Somehow I think I'll get outvoted and I'll wind up picking up a bunch of lunch bags next time I'm at Sam's Club.

Healthy Heather said...

The stove-top version is fun and nostalgic, but the paper bag method is easier and less clean-up. As for cost-efficiency...probably the stove since you don't use a paper bag. But does the water used to clean the pot cancel that out? Hmmmm.... :)

Gopher said...

I was thinking the energy cost (electric microwave vs natural gas stove) as well as the cost of the bag vs foil to cover the stove top version. I reuse the foil for several batches. (my wife is usually the culprit when I find it in the recycle bin...)

I'm sure we can come up with a reusable container for the microwave to achieve the best of both worlds.

Still, when you have guests over and you pop corn in the stove the expressions on their faces is absolutely priceless.