Monday, April 30, 2012

Get Food Smart: 2 New Techy Tools for Health

Is this the summer you finally get smart about food? There are two cool online tools you can use to make it a little easier and fun! Check out and to get a little smarter and a little grossed out (in a good way). is a website where you can create a free account, personalize it to your health needs, goals, and dietary preferences, and then get recommendations for foods that can help you achieve greater health. You can also download the app to use a bar code scanner and get reviews and alternative (healthier) suggestions when you're curious about a particular food while shopping. Kind of like a souped-up Fooducate. It gives foods a score and lists the pros and cons, and lets you create a more informed grocery list. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Then, gather the kids around for a fun activity that will help them understand why you keep telling them no when they want to drink soda and eat crap. Download the app, created by nutritionists to teach kids about food. It lets you choose your favorite food, guess how much sugar, salt, and fat it contains, and then smash it carnival-game-style to let everything ooze out and fill up little scales that show the contents of the food. Check out the Parents Page to learn how cool it is. Unfortunately, it looks like this is only available for iPhone and iPad, but hopefully it will be more accessible soon.

Get out there and get healthy today! I'm gonna go smash some food.

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