Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fitness: Fast, Cheap, and Good. Pick two.

We're all in a hurry, aren't we? I am! I want everything to be awesome and I want it all NOW! But, some things are worth waiting for. This week I'm sharing a fun analogy that shows how fitness can be fast, cheap, and good. But you can only have two!

Please ignore the purple-stained fingernails. Getting frozen blueberries onto my yogurt while holding the baby. I'm sure you can relate.

Have a great day; get out there and get healthy!


kimvan said...

This was so appropriate for me today! I just got back from a "cheap" (free) 30 minute run and then ate leftover homemade chili for lunch. Good and cheap! And sort of fast if you don't count the 90 minutes it took to make the chili last night. :)

Darice said...

well said and memorable as well! I look forward to the journey! =)