Friday, October 14, 2011

Pregnancy Fitness: The Extras

Wow, one more week and I will not be pregnant anymore. It's hard to imagine because I've been pregnant pretty much all year, so everything that's happened this year has had the background music of "something extra." Either extra worry, extra excitement, extra caution, or any of the other little things that pop up in my head and remind me that my actions don't just affect me right now. But after five short, busy days, that little extra will be defined in new ways.  Much cuter ones!

I've been very "extra" this time around. For one, I've been extra healthy. It has been such a great experience to keep exercising and focused on nutrition because I didn't do that last time and really regretted it. I ran for 30 weeks, worked out for 38, and have consistently eaten clean throughout, albeit with more chocolate chip cookies and gelato than I would normally eat! But, relaxing the rules has been easy, which took me by surprise.

Moderation is not usually my friend. I love being strict, regimented, and "perfect" with my nutrition. It's like a personal challenge every day and I enjoy shooting for "healthier than yesterday." In the wrong hands that kind of thinking can be dangerous, but ending the day feeling like I really nailed my nutrition is really satisfying for me. So when I try to use moderation, I get cranky and annoyed because it just feels opposite from my instincts. But being pregnant has changed that. I think because I knew pregnancy was a temporary state, it's been easier for me to divert from my usually very straight path and wander around a little. I've been extra laid back, which is not the norm for me. So not the norm for me. So very very very much different for me. But it's been kinda fun and I've only felt about 65% bad about the cookies. :)

In a week, my path will straighten again, and I'll go back to Usual Heather. I'm looking forward to the reunion. Vacation eating has been fun at times, but I've been craving my old ways: extreme workouts, super-power nutrition, and everything that comes along with it. Yeah, I'm talking about my body. I want my strong, kinda-chiseled, single-digit body back. Call me shallow but it's true. I don't always like being extra.

Each pregnancy is unique and should be celebrated for the experience that it is. This has been a great one! I'm very excited to meet this new little man and be his mom! But I'm also excited to reunite with myself.

Oh, there's one other little extra that I've found this time around: extra bravery. I quit my day job and decided to go full-hog into wellness coaching and personal training. :) :) :) It's a risk, but one that feels right. I've got lots of fun projects in store that I can't wait to share with you, and I am so so so excited to find out where this path goes. It likely won't be straight, but I feel very much pulled along it and so far the universe seems to agree. I hope you'll travel with me! And buy stuff from me! :)

Okay, I'm just rambling now. A new chapter looms and I'm peeking ahead at the pages. I'm sure there is mystery, intrigue, adventure, and comedy in store, all read in the context of a greater collection of stories, one of which being the last nine months and where they have led me. So fuel up, stretch out, and get ready for a new adventure!

I'm sick of eating cookies.


Ange said...

All the best to you in the coming week! I go in to delivery my baby girl this coming Wed! xo

Healthy Heather said...

How wonderful!!! Best of luck to you and enjoy your beautiful baby. :) YAY!!!