Thursday, October 27, 2011

GetFitPod: A new adventure!

Whew! It's only been a week but it seems like a lifetime. Having a baby does that to you: makes time and space stand still while you try to get your bearings. Luckily, my bearings were close by and all of the people who told me that it's easier the second time around were right. I probably just jinxed my entire life by saying that! :)

Anyway, these days health and wellness are paramount in my mind, just on a different plane.  I'm starving all the time and have no clue how many calories I'm eating. My mom and friends are making meals for us, which I am devouring like I've just escaped from a refugee camp. I am not getting any exercise to speak of since I had a c-section, but I don't have the energy to do anything anyway. So far my biggest bout of activity was a trip to the grocery store yesterday, and I had to take a nap when I got home!

Priorities change after you have a baby. It happened last time, when I was adamant that I would immediately launch a weight loss campaign immediately after leaving the hospital and....didn't, and it happened this time, when I packed away my maternity clothes and filled my closet with stuff I thought I would be motivated to wear. Um, no. I'm still in my jammies.

But, a new adventure looms: I am so incredibly excited to be part of the launch of the new GetFitPod website. I've spoken of GetFitPod before, when I sang the praises of its former owner, Skip Orem. Now it's been turned over to Coach Jonathan Tilley, who asked me to be the site's first GFP Hero! I'll be blogging for the next six months on my journey from my current state (dough-like and slovenly) to the Rock-n-Roll Mardi Gras Half Marathon in March. In addition to my role in the site, it has a whole new look and lots of new extras. Check it out today and download a workout for yourself. I love this site, have used it for years, and am so so so excited to officially be part of it. Jonathan, thanks for asking me to join the fun and for giving me an extra motivation to get back into shape! My first entry publishes tomorrow so read it, fools!

Have a great day. I'm going to go take a nap. Or maybe have a snack. Maybe I'll just put a snack next to the bed so I can eat in my sleep. And hopefully later I can get out there and get healthy!

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