Monday, September 5, 2011

Shambala / Goodbye Skip

"Shambala" is a word that is used to mean a place where someone gets peace and security. It's usually connected to tranquility, meditation, and what I call my reset button. It's also the name of my all-time favorite song, which I originally discovered as performed by my all-time favorite band, Three Dog Night, and has been a recurring theme in my workouts for a very long time. No running playlist is complete without it.

From time to time I sing the praises of Skip Orem, a voiceover professional who turned his passion for fitness into a free podcast chock full of great workouts. My favorites are the high intensity interval training, which propelled me through many a tough training session getting ready for the Ultimate Fitness Challenge. Skip, even though we have never met, made me a better runner and more dynamic athlete just from his inspirational and motivating presence. Skip has announced his retirement from the GetFitPod, which puts a tiny little hole in my life. But, he has passed the torch to Jonathan Tilley, who will take over the podcast.

It's personally appropriate that Skip begins his last episode by playing "Shambala". I love this song, and it never fails to cheer me up no matter what. Hearing it in connection with the departure of someone I admire makes it bittersweet, but I'm glad to have another element with which appreciate it. "Shambala" has been an anthem throughout my life, and always symbolizes rebirth and new energy for me. It's ironic to me that Skip chose this song for his last podcast.

Take a listen to Podcast #177 and see what you think of Jonathan. I'm looking forward to the workouts; he sounds like someone that will keep me motivated and I can relate to his endorphin addiction!  He sounds like a well-rounded athlete with an appreciation for cross-training, which is important to me.So, check out the podcast, and enjoy "Shambala" by my favorite band! Turn it up LOUD and I dare you to not want to run!

Skip, I will miss you. You've been a great trainer and virtual friend. Jonathan, let's get to work!

Now get out there and get healthy!

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