Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This Mini-Goal Idea is Genius

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I started my Awesome Every Day Challenge for August? Best idea ever. I started with the intention of streamlining my diet, becoming more disciplined, and trimming out mindless nibbling. Instead I ended up revolutionizing the way I eat on the weekends. Totally unexpected but completely welcome detour!

It's simple: I set one small mini-goal for each day. Just one nutrition or fitness thing to focus on. If I achieve it, I get my star. And get this - for three weekends in a row, one of them being travel and another hosting company, I have earned all my stars.

That has not happened, like, ever. I always screw up the weekend, especially when I am traveling or entertaining.  Either I'm not disciplined about using my tips for weekend eating or I just let one nibble lead to another and before I know it that little voice is telling me that its okay because its the weekend and I'm supposed to indulge on the weekend. Says who? A nation of obese Americans? The television commercials trying to sell me fast food and chocolate? All the people who claim that everything is okay in moderation but then complain that they can't get in shape because they lack the discipline to make it happen? 

I opted out of that club a long time ago. And hopefully, now my membership card is torn up for good! 

The secret here is in the simplicity of the mini-goal. When I headed out of town for the weekend, I set a mini-goal to avoid crackers when I was traveling. I knew that eating crackers opened the door to eating more not-so-good stuff, so I locked that door and threw away the key. But what happened was way more than just not eating crackers: I was motivated to do even more healthy things, above and beyond my one mini-goal. As a result, it was by far the healthiest on-the-road weekend I have EVER had.

After that first initial success, I was pretty surprised. I didn't expect to do so well. The next weekend I had company coming and I wondered if I could do it again. I did, and it was even easier. The mini-goals kept success within easy reach, and thanks to clearer thinking and zero cravings for sugar now that I have detoxed it out of my life, having a healthy weekend was easier than ever.

And, my calendar is proudly displaying little gold stars on every single day this month. I'm really excited about it! I hope this is more than a lucky trend and actually a lifestyle change that is here to stay.

Are you setting mini goals for yourself this month? Tell me about them! Get out there and get healthy, one mini-goal at a time. 



Anonymous said...

I've been picking and choosing some of your blog titles that stand out- the fortune and misfortune of beginning a blog so far into its journey. I find myself wanting to read ALL of the posts to feel encouraged by your enthusiasm in every step you take. With that said, wow are you motivating.

This particular mini-goal post made me want to comment because I have been unsuccessfully trying to be a healthier more active individual for the past 3 years. I start and stop so very often. My discipline is faulty. BUT after hiking a mountain in ALASKA during my travels there this past summer (my first hike EVER) I felt a renewed motivation.

A SMALL step began with the mini-goal of 30 minute yoga sessions everyday. It has been three days now and I have not let myself down.

More info than you care to know, but all that background to say, THANKS. Your enthusiasm and proactivity is inspiring and encouraging!!

You will see me again soon.

Healthy Heather said...

Wow, thank you so much Luna! I am really happy that you're on a healthier path and even more so that I was part of getting it started. I hope you are enjoying those yoga sessions and finding new ways each day to keep up the momentum. Thanks for reading and sharing!