Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Calendar Challenge: Awesome Every Day!

I'm off to a great start!
Earned my exercise sticker for today. :)
It's a new month! A transition month, too. We move from the long, lazy days of summer to the busy, frenetic back-to-school routine in the blink of an eye. It's a month of new beginnings! And new shoes! :)

As you know, tracking data is a huge part of building sustainable wellness habits. There are a lot of ways to track data, exercise and food logs being the most popular. But for me, visual feedback is uber effective so I still put my happy little stickers on my calendar every day. Each day I can earn one sticker for good nutrition and one sticker for exercise. And, I can almost always attribute any weight gain or general "not feeling it" feeling to the number of stickers on my calendar. If there are lots of gaps between stickers, I can bet that my waistband will be feeling a little snug.

I've got no patience for that.

Welllll, July was a bit hit-and-miss with the stickers. I went on vacation for two weeks, and while I did pretty darn well, there were seven days when I got either just one sticker or none at all. Gulp. That's a whole week of me goofing around. So, it shouldn't be a shocker that my clothes aren't quite as comfortable as they were a month ago.

But today begins a new month! My goal is to earn a sticker every single day. Yeah I said it. It's lofty, but a big goal is exactly what I need to get my head back in the Awesome Every Day game that I've been missing! I've already gotten in my workout for today so now the real challenge begins: staying at or under my calorie goal, because as we all know that awesome physiques are made in the kitchen, not necessarily the gym.

So we're off! Care to join me? Grab a calendar and a pack of stickers and start rewarding yourself for good work! To make it even more interesting, plan a nice prize at the end of the month if you make your goal. Mine is a new pair of jeans. I tried them on last weekend!

Get out there and get healthy, old-school gold sticker style!

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