Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now THIS is what I call school lunch!

Every day, I pack a lunch for my son to take to school. He gets some fruit (usually berries), a couple of carrot sticks, a piece of cheese, and half of a pb&j with some ground flax sprinkled inside. I only give him half a sandwich because I got so sick of throwing away what he didn't eat. It's not the most creative lunch, and I routinely try to shake it up with more variety, but by and large this is what he eats.

I was feeling pretty good about that.

Then I saw the lunch that my friend makes for her son. Her son who eats vegetables. Lots of them. Seriously, this lunch made ME hungry. I wish my kid would eat this! Take a lesson, friends, because Kenny's mom has got it going on.

Check out this lunch:

Yogurt, cheese stick, grape tomatoes, blueberries, carrots,
quorn veggie chicken patty and honey mustard dressing, and edamame.
First of all, I love the little silicone muffin liners! Colorful, reusable, and easy to keep it all organized. Then there is the sheer variety of food offered. And yes, HE EATS IT!

Genius. I'm so jealous. 

Get out there and get healthy today. Kenny is!


Lacey Marie said...

Man- I'm not even sure I could finish all of that! I sure would be happy to try though! Lucky Kenny.

Anonymous said...

She should market this "get my kid to eat vegetable" trick she has up her sleeve (whatever it is) and sell it! Love the muffin cups. So cute and yummy. Carole

Dad said...

Well,she is my Daughter! Ken.

Sarah @ Semi-Sweet said...

That looks great, but no, my daughter would never eat it, either. The irony of being a veggie-lovin' mama is having a kid who "HATES" all veggies. : ( BTW, looks like that's packed in a LunchBots container, which we use all the time here and love - great stainless pieces in a range of sizes, some with dividers down the middle - non-toxic, dishwasher safe, unbreakable - what's not to love?)

Healthy Heather said...

I know, I eat veggies all day long and my kid won't touch them. Although he is getting a lot better! I love the LunchBots too; I use it all the time!

Ellen said...

Looks like an easy to assemble version of a "bento" lunch--what a great idea to make good food look appealing.

Especially if you don't have the time to prepare these: